October 23, 2015


Daisy Jumper: Bargain at Taytay | Chunky Shoes: Aliexpress | Hologram envelope: Twinkledeals.com

Hello Dearies!  Frankly, I don't know what's with me, but I notice this latest post of mine, I've been digging the outfit that is very out of the season... Even Philippines don't have 4 seasons, and we have only "wet and dry" we do experience the falling of leaves and it's quite  Autumn-ish here now.  The outfit that I got here is very fun and very right for a summer barbecue party or something. It's fun and very colorful and way out out of the fall palette.  I hope you enjoy today's outfit post and continue to visit my blog every now and then... Ps: I gain weight "again" LOL!


September 28, 2015


Long Cardigan: Forever21 | Fringe top: Thrift | Short: Thailand | Wedge: Primadonna | Eyewear: Classiqueapparel | Raw Amethyst pendant: DIY

As I am writing this post, it's raining hard outside... It's weird that my outfit post is festival/summer outfit whilst it's wet season here in Ph.  This shot is from the first of August finally here it is...  I don't know what had happened next, all I know is like some hinge on my gears are falling off that's why I don't have the inspiration to post or write a blog post.   I don't want to force my self to write blandly about something because I'm not inspired... Just keeping this short leaving you a last summer outfit that I have.  Thank you loves for all the support.

Love lots,

August 31, 2015


White button down dress : Thrift|| Shoulder Bag : Ericdress.com || White Chunky Shoes : Aliexpress

A big "HELLO" to everyone! Yay! I miss you all.  How I miss my blogging routine, blog hopping and everything. I am currently fixing everything on my plate now, a lot of personal things.  Adversaries and stuffs that taking out the inner peace in makes me drain.  August is a very tough month for me too because....  How I wish I could tell you all the details but I decide to keep it myself, don't worry I can handle things now unlike on the past whining (if you have red my post a long time ago which made me really emotional)

Centering on my main purpose on today's post is this All white outfit incorporated with this Chic black dog print shoulder bag purse which is "bad ass" because of the mad dog print sent to me by Ericdress.com  I like the weirdness it brings at the same time the shape of the purse that still making it fashionable.  And I am not troubled how the dog look, I've been bitten by my dog twice already, that's why I'm used to mad dog LOL.  If you notice I look sick only because I'm really ill, inside and out. How I wanted to convert negative energies around me in one snap.  Oh well, thanks again for always visiting my blog.  "Ber" months starts tomorrow so I will try to liven up my mood, early daydreaming for Christmas and all those childish but joyful thoughts I can imagine.  Talk to you soon, Tata for now!