January 31, 2015


Last January 25, Michael, my sister, my mom and me went to a  birthday celebration / despedida de soltera gathering at St.Bernice Estates. After pigging ourselves on the sumptuous food that the celebrant had offered us. Me and Michael, went out for a walk. The community is very small and the perimeter of the entire area is not that large, so a 15 minute walk is enough to wonder the entire neighborhood.  We make selfies and groupie if that's what you call that. Honestly, I don't intend to take photos on this day to publish on my blog, but since the photos that I took especially the nature together with the discarded area makes me think twice why not to post this. The dusk and the color of the sky adds an element of a remarkable moment especially on me and Michael.

We found this discarded tractor and the rust of it sparks an interest out of me so I snap and Michael does few poses too.  The trees without the leaves makes a statement along with the tractor. And I think they're being together a long time ago. The truck seems hasn't moved since the day it was abandoned there and it's been with the tree since.  I think I will lose opportunity in this lovely place because It will be a nice background for an outfit shoot, but then again, I don't live there and I don't want bug someone just to have someone let me, and to trespass a little community just to do my blog thing. I mean I might make a scene there. And don't like doing that. ;)

You catch me without make-up on this one guys. LOL! The dusk that we have here is very magical... that's all!


January 29, 2015



4th week of my Happy everyday Journey...

23rd day - I got home a little late and tired and while I'm resting I get to watch the replay of WWE #raw. I don't some of you if you fancied watching wrestling But I do.*wink*

24th day - It was a fine afternoon of Saturday. When I look up, I find these clouds, very pretty that's why, I took a snap of it.Thankful, because I get to see small yet beautiful details of every day

25th day - Boyfriend and I went to St. Bernice Estates, Antipolo City to attend a little party. We walk around the vicinity and took few photos of us and the beautiful orange-y sunset at dusk with the columns of the electricity posts. By the way, I am wearing no make-up there. ;) I think I must do a separate post on all the photos and moments that we are capture that day.

26th day - Happy tummy because of my broil chicken and broccoli for dinner.

27th day - n the morning got me selfie with my newly bleach hair. Then after I run errands whole day that makes me tired, and took a selfie afterwards to see that I smile tired and my make-ups gone. ;/

28th day -I'm so excited because my 3rd Mac lipstick arrived that day. Lipstick is mac diva, and I have to try it on right away... #mirrorselfie there

29th day - Papa's 51st birthday. Before we celebrate his birthday at home. I go to work first and do undertone, but before that I bought an ornamental plant that I quickly forgot the name and my braid mirror selfie, I miss braiding my hair like this. The last time I braid my hair is when I was blonde way before my red hair. 2013? Or 2012, my my so long ago. Yeah, I miss doing braids..

And I think that's wrap!

"The secret to being happy is accepting when you are in life and making the most out of every single day"

January 27, 2015


 Vintage Blouse: Thrift || Leather Skirt : Thrift || Black Pump Heels: Payless Shoe Source

Oh mi Gosh! I can't believe it's tuesday already! How's my time gone? Well, anyway, I know my Vintage Monday Post is quite late but I'd better post it than not and or my post will become wasted again on my draft.  

As you all know including my oldest followers on this blog that I have this red hair for a long time. Red whole head, fierce red shade, ginger red,Ombre red, orange red, all that shade of red. There are times that If I'm sick with my red hair I'll bleach my mane to have blonde, but then again I always get back to my red shade. All the way time has changed and somehow my predilection on hair color have grownAnd this time, and I hope I can (finger's cross) I will be dropping the "red crown" which is my red hair. I will be wearing this blonde hair for maybe quite awhile because I am planning to color my hair pastel. I haven't decided yet what color it is and the change from blonde to pastel hair won't be too soon because I don't have time yet since our office are moving again for the n-th of n-th time. So yeah, I will be blonde for maybe a few months or so, thoughthe bleaching process of my whole hair is not done yet, 'cause I have thick hair. So expect me to have a pastel streaks this coming summer.

About the look; This vintage blouse I'm wearing is given by my Mama a year ago. Every time she visits a thrift store, there will never had a time that she hasn't had something for me or for my sister. So sweet Mama! I actually learned from her my thrift store addiction. So I just paired the vintage blouse with my leather skirt and suede heels.


January 22, 2015



Week 3 of my daily and Happy Journey....

15th day - Selfie selfie one cold morning at my little space at work. And feeling like Merida minus the curls. Got home with my pretty cutey dog wearing my sunglasses. Before going home, feeling the night lights on the park downtown.

16th day / 17th day /18th day - unfortunately I have no pictures taken on this days, but It's a festive celebration because it's the Papal visit here in the Philippines. Me and my family felt very blessed on this day. 
19th day - One cold afternoon I caught my two babies (my sissy and my dog) sleeping comfortably on our parents room. Hmmmm

20th day - Mami Delings 65th birthday and marks the end of her work service on our agency. 
21st day- Michael and I fooling around tuesday. Obviously he loves my cute headband!; My mac lippies arrived too. First mac cosmetic purchased, russian red and rebel shade. And trued out the russian red on my lips though picture didn't give it a justice.

That's my whole 3rd week of January... 

"Always laugh while you can, it is cheaper than medicine" -unknown