April 28, 2015

WEEK 11 || Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days


March 13 73rd day – so I need to prep myself on this day because the next day will be the big day of the “forever bridesmaid” I went to the spa and get my nails done and did a little relaxing foot spa too.  But before that I let myself experience breakfast alone. LOL!

March 14 74th day – So the big day it is for the bride and the groom and I am just one of the decorated pillars for the ceremony…hehe 5th time bridesmaid indeed at least I’m yet to experience Jane did on the movie "27 Dresses".  Perennial bridesmaid? Not yet! … hehe…

March 15 75th day – Alright, so I am kinda stressful on the wedding day of my boyfriend’s sister result I forgot to capture the happy moments on a blessed Sunday.

March 16th – I liven up Manic Monday by wearing my ever colorful harem pants…

March 17, 77th day – Hmm, not a joyful day because someone test my nerve one morning.  But he failed you know, he don’t know me, I don’t know him.  I won’t let him be the ‘cause of my desolation. I choose to be happy!

March 18, 78th day – Smile Chibyusa Smile!

March 19, 79th day -  So yeah me and Michael cooling ourselves on magnum ice cream on my 79th day. ;)

Thanks for visiting, you've just seen my 11th week! God Bless us all!

"Never Put the Key to your Happiness in Somebody's Pocket"


April 16, 2015

WEEK 15 || Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days



I thought I'm not gonna make another #CassieThriftiersJourney post, I am really worried that I couldn't find time to prove to myself that it's not hard to be happy just for a second for a day.

April 10 (101st) - Big nose who knows! sorry for the big fat nose because I'm sick on this day but still happy with my great man.

April 11 (102nd) - florals on a gloomy day

April 12 (103rd) - Bim-bimboping and shabu-shabu-ing! Saturdate with Michael my love <3

April 13 (104th) - Dainty necklace heart and eiffel...from Amandas Place.

April 14 (105th) - Can't finish this "black echo" book and I do procrastinate I knooowww. And he loves to pry on my make-up tools and play it along with my face, that's annoying but I find it cute!

April 15 (106th) - Vistas, looking for a private resort for our team building.

April 16 (107th) - And this Jagabee potato fries, not that tasty that I expect it to be, oh well it's still food (junk food).

"Surround yourself with those who makes you happy".


April 14, 2015


Shirt - Local Buy || Jeans - Crissa || Round Sunnies - i2i PH || Dr. Martens boots - Thrift

Hello girls! I know it's late to check up on you, but how's your Easter Holiday? Mine's quite fine and I think it's better than the past Holy Week and Easter Holiday that I had before.  I took part on an annual penitential walk together with my beau on the city that's been apprehended and administered by our Parish Church community... Since when? I can't remember though I know it's been known all over the Philippines that many Catholics/Christians here is doing it every Holy Thursday.  It's my first time to join such penitential event, yearly with a record breaking of 6 million people participated in such virtuous act. It's my first time to join and I am honored to one of that 6 million people.  It's a great time to reflect all the things that I have done, mistakes that has been made, and to reflect the main reason why He suffers to show his love for all mankind.  I know not all of my readers isn't Christian and I respect all your beliefs, viewpoint and religion.

It’s been such a long time since I haven’t posted anything that is outfitpost/thrift fashion related here on my blog. If you’re reading this right now, I am very glad that you come by and pay me a short visit.  So summer has already begun here in PH, pretty, cool colors and summer prints are in again, but my first outfit post for this summer is a basic and a bit grungy.  Well, Let me share with you that I’ve scored a Doc Martens 10 hole boots, and believe it or not, it’s genuine! Yeah, I know you might be skeptical about it, but it's really authentic I've checked every detail and the leather they call “quillon” all the qualities of a genuine Doc Martens posses by this recent thrift purchase of mine.  The sellers might not familiar about the boots and its name that is why they sell it at a cheap price of PHP480 or around 8-10 dollars.  This is not my first edgy outfit, but it’s the first one that I pull off I think I want to say the adjective “tough”? Grunge style is one of my favorites, but wearing one is very seldom, and just recently, I snap my soft style and vintage-y vibe out of me for the mean time to test myself If I could really pull this style very well. So is it grungy, edgy, or just Basic?

Thank you for your visit and the comments.  Love to visit more blogs soon!


April 09, 2015

WEEK 14 || Got me day 100 of Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days

April 3 (94th day) The penitential walk took us to wee hours of april 3, Michael and I experience the body to body and sideways walk to reach the Cathedral church because of the heavy mass crowd, we didn't know that we are among the millions that join the event walk.  You can see the kinda blurry but obvious cathedral dome and the crowd outside.  After we gain our sleepless night, Michael spent his day at our house, doing nothing but to play with Lady Chibyusa,  doing what they do and I have no idea what there is on the window.

April 4 (95th day) Green thumb activity in the morning.  Potting the ornamental plants. 

April 5 (96th day) Me and Chibyusa are very sleepy on a sunday afternoon. Got our siesta time afterwards.

April 6 (97th day)  Fresh melon slices Midnight snacking with my original girlfriends... Mama and sissy.

April 7 (98th day) A big power hug from my baby Chibyusa... ;3 ;3 ;3

April 8 (99th day) Food tripping again, gladly I bought this popular Japanese snack "Toppo" and the energy boosting soy milk. Not sorry for my selfies guys, with coffee and cheese and blueberry bread. Hashtag gourmand, and an outfit of the day pic. ;)

April 9 (100th) Grumpy Papi on a Lennon sunnies and my felt Hat. 

Finally, my 14th week is done!  It's getting hard for me to my 365 project day by day, but honestly, even I, am weeks far late, I really wanted to continue this. I hope you guys have a happy moment of your everyday life. 

You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one.  Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of it's own.  It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle
 - Paulo Coelho