December 31, 2014


Me before the party is over. ;) I exchange headpiece with my colleague because I fancy the yellow one.

This is the last outfit post on my blog for the year 2014. I've worn this on the night of our Office Christmas Party, where I am the one who is responsible to have a concept of Hawaiian outfits. I did this because It seems to have a boring event every December when you're just about heading to a party with they say "be at your best" dress. I think it's more fun and exciting when you are preparing something conceptual to wear though this concept has a very simple elements to bring the Hawaiian party ambiance. You know me, this is just simple, all pieces thrift and some of them are worn before and can be seen on my old blog post. Mix and matching are endless even you just had a few old decent clothes. And Hawaiian outfit is never Hawaiian without a statement floral headpiece or a nice flower garland. They're all diy of course! *wink*

For a more serious tone, I wanted to say thank you all for supporting my blog all the way for the whole year of 2014. I know my blog isn't perfect at all and everything. some post aren't interesting at all for you but you're all still here to pay visit whenever you can. And every visit and comment you shared with me is priceless, although I'm not perfect but I feel genuinely happy and great because it's rare to get cherished by other people that is a total stranger and yet bond with the magic of blogging and served with a worlwide connection. Thanks for all the friendship I've shared to some of you and for my fellow filipina bloggers that never snob me or my post, you inspired me a lot to this passion of mine. I'm giving my gratitude also because you never judge me negatively and just let me do things on my own way. I know that I have a poor grammar at more times and I'm self confess poor writer, hehe writing is not my thing but I'm giving out my best to say and deliver to you all my readers what i truly feel and what is inside my heart. And lastly for accepting my "unsignitured style" I say it so, because until now, I don't really know what my style is. It's like I'm still searching for my fashion soul... "echos"

Thank you, Thank you so much all. Let's embrace more opportunities and bright whole new year 2015!


December 29, 2014


what do you think of my pastel hair? it's edited and I'm thinking about on doing it for real... ;) 

December 20, 5 days before Christmas Day, a diminutive nightmare got me. Well, my hyper cross breed Australian shepherd / aspin dog bit me. It was very sudden when he's very happy that I was there and petting him early in the afternoon. Because of his excitement he bit bit my right hand that ├žause me 4 bite marks. 2 wounds heavily bled. one on my wrist and one at my palm. I am shocked at first, I do know what to do, but my astonishment about its delay me from doing a first aid by myself because I am alone at home. Ugh... so to make the story short, after minutes of aiding myself, I throw myself in a vehicle and headed to the nearest hospital, where I was stitched twice. 
The doctor decided to stitch my wounds not because It's large or something but it keeps on bleeding, the painful part is the thread is not soluble.. Eek So I need to get back to the hospital after 7 days with mymedications, etc... So after Christmas, we went back and had my stitches remove. My pain tolerance is very high, and I know that because I can pierce my own skin. But the removing of the stitches? It's really achy! It's a burning sensation and I can't really describe it, although the process of removing it is very quick. Oh bother. Now, after 1 week of having a disable hand, I realize and appreciate people with disabilities. I am unproductive for a week and it's like forever. I celebrated Christmas Eve, with all the precautions because it really hurts. I did mention it in my last post that my right hand iswounded, though you can't see it.
You know what, it's still a thrilling experience because It's my first time to get stitches (bitten by my dog wasn't my first, it's my 2nd time.. Hekhek) I got to experience the pain feels like, it's extreme for me, butI really love the experience call me crazy I know it!


As you get older, you will get to experience different kinds of pain...
-My Mama

December 26, 2014




Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's a bit late to greet merry Christmas especially here in the Philippines, geographically today is December 26, but I still feel Christmas and I know it shouldn't be Christmas by date only but the whole time, and whole year Christmas in our hearts. 
December 25 is mom's birthday and the whole family decided to spent it and Christmas Day in a local mall near in our area, because we spent the "noche buena" few hours before 12:00 struck until dawn. We spent the time traditionally with our relatives and my little nephews and nieces as well. I'm still so lucky even I have an injured right hand, the details story on it will be on a separate blogpost. So nothing special just a seldom time and day that we spend each others time with each other as well, doing nothing at all just chillin' on the mall. I say this mall is kinda special to us because since we were kids (me and my sister) we used to spend our family day here, even the time comes that many commercial malls that has been built around, we're kinda feel at home on to this place. By the way, the mall is called "Sta Lucia East" Grand Mall. My boyfriend is with us too, yearly he used to spend his Christmas Day on our home after he spend "noche buena" at his parents house, today is a little different to him. I was surprised because he never gave me flowers on christmas day, it's has always been Mama that he use to buy one. Well, according to him it wasn't his christmas gift yet... (hehe finger's crossed! )
There you have it, after a long time I miss blogging, it wouldn't be quite long either but my wounded right hand explains why. Merry Christmas to all guys! Let's pray for another wonderful year ahead of us. And let's pray also for the unfortunate ones that should have been merrier and happy like us but in a difficult situation now. Let's pray that our dear Lord end their suffering and  give them a  good life they deserve.


December 15, 2014


December 11, 2014


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