July 31, 2014


THRIFTIER'S OUTFIT: Outerwear : Flea market || Inner Top: Offbrand, Local Boutique || Skirt : Local Boutique || Vintage Loafers : Thrift

When it's gloomy or rainy I love to wear dark colored clothes like red, moss green/emerald green, and maroon! Oh, I love maroon. Although I am sure that It'sgoing to rain on that day, I still wear my maroon skirt paired it with the scarf print chiffon blazer what they call "kimono" which I wear a lot because of its versatility. I compliment the whole look with my Ever Bilena Lipstick in "dusk". Even my loafer is thrifted, I'm still in love with it because of its mahogany brown color like maroon. And Boyfie got his boots in the same color palette too. So much complimentary here... Love it a lot, though we look funny. I'm sorry for my hair too, it's my everyday and regular style. I just let it weigh down.

This should have been better and much nicer photos than what the outcome looks like. But at the middle of roaming around this "City" I feel like my so-called "blogger confidence" retreated, that's why my eyes squint on some solo pictures. *Sighs* We ended up laughing and looking like dorks, thankfully my sister is with us. ;) I don't have so much to say about today's post. I just hope you like our dorki-ness, (if that is the word dorky) our first attempt, amateur pictorial for our 7th Anniversary, a memorabilia of sorts.


Cassie and Michael

July 30, 2014


Thriftier's Outfit : Outerwear || Chiffon blazer from Divisoria || Offbrand: stretch jeans || Luis Moda Bag ||Gold accent heeled sandals: Primadonna

Energy drained, I am nearly a dead battery. It causes me to crave for unhealthy foods. Early wake-up call, late sleep at night might deteriorate my physiological fitness. These endless game of papers are monotonous that sometimes I want to get match and burn them down... Ahhh office work.. I wanted to kiss for the benefit of the immune system! Beau I will snatch you... ha-ha! Have heard about that our body resistance is the beneficiary on kissing? Now you know. Just don't kiss the unhygienic one okay!

Let me know what you think on my daily and usual get-up? Drop me a comment and Thanks for stooping by!

P.S: I'm currently working on the look of my blog right now, please bear if you are experiencing untoward hassles.


July 28, 2014



This is the 2nd part of my birthday post, the first one is just an outfit post . If you want to see the first one click here

I wanted to tell you what had happened during my birthday. I am 26 already, (uhm, really?) I feel I the great maturity about things around me, and I've gained more wisdom. I don’t want it to spend in fancy restaurants seeing as I really have to tighten my budget these days I have oodles to prioritize. I just want to thank God for giving me another beautiful year. 

To tell you 7th of July isn’t just my birthday, crazy as it sound, it’s also our 7th year Anniversary! Yay!! We’re deterred to plan ahead, that’s why we’re caught by rainy days that’s why we can’t plan a prudent celebration not unlike last year when we travel to Tagaytay city for a day.

I never thought he would surprise me this way, he told me previously that he’s sorry because he don't have anything to give me on our day. We both financially struggling on this quarter, so I really understand. Priorities are all up in our mind and for me it wasn't really a big deal, we never part of seven years, it’s immature if I should expect material things from him for a birthday present.  I mean it should be very special, but not like spending money on a stuffs that will diminish definitely in time. I bought him a gift though, because I wanted to give him thank you present for always providing me the time whenever I need him. So this is what had happened early morning on my birthday. I received a picture on from FB showing that my work desk had a box of cake and lots balloons! ! Oh my, I was teary on that very moment because I wasn't expecting anything. That wasn't the epic moment yet! Once I got the office and on my desk, I burst into tears! Like a howling little girl because there was the birthday cake and Balloons all over the place (around my desk and the floor!) While crying, I keep on exclaiming “how am I supposed to keep all of these?”?” “I can’t bring them home” I was told by my office mates that he's too early arranging and learning the basic of balloon twisting. He did it in an instant before I wasn't there yet! I hug him  tight while crying, saying “I hate you, how did you know that I like balloons for my birthday??” It’s ridiculous for me to wish for a balloons (duh) because even I’m not expecting anything my heart can’t lie that a simple surprise can bring me into joyful feeling. I am extremely touched! I feel like very, very special, not because of the balloons or the cake that he bought but the EFFORT and time that he exerts for me to make me feel that he wouldn't let the day pass without doing something special… You know when I was a few years younger, I used to get envious to young couples that makes special things to surprise their partners but now I realize that it’s not really the stuff that we touch or we see, it’s the things that we really feel. The precious moments that are really worth to keep, and treasure for a lifetime. 

 After this day I feel like our love has been refreshed... Don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I eat lots and lots of chocolates exudes by the bliss that I experienced. It’s like cloud 9! 7th heaven, delightful happiness. Words can’t explain how high my spirit was… <3 I'm in love, yes I am in love for 7 years… We have high hopes for it to be a hundred. ;))))

How about you? Have you been surprised that brought you into tears, into full happiness?
State your short story below on the comment space, I would like to know about it. ;)

Love Lots,

July 26, 2014


Cardigans are very versatile piece in every woman’s wardrobe. Knits, wool, fleece, lace and georgette are among the common material of fabric on on these outerwear. They're my favorite because they’re comfy and emit enough warm for winter or rainy seasons. I found cheap Cardigans from TBdress.com that can ameliorate our cold times without compromising style. I've seen these pretties not just stylish and trendy, but quality on a reasonable price. Take a look on what I've selected from this awesome and generous web store.
  • I think these cardi is very classy because of it's Houndstooth print and the color blocking gives a modernistic feel.

  • This pink heart print is so cute that can impart a casual look into a total preppy girl.

This adoring lace outerwear is quite dainty adoring and yet versatile. You can wear this on summer days when you're pretty doubtful on a sexy top alone. 

I really like this one, It can be very very whimsical depends on your styling. A total doll for sure when worn. 

  • Going for a coffee, walking in a park, laid back visiting a friend or simply cuddling with beau you can never go awry with this loose hooded knitwear.

This one has a strong street style quality because of the neon color.

This final two is shouting Boho! I just love bohemian, these tribal prints and pattern gives an eccentric boho style without too much tribal accessories.

There are lots of cardigan styles on their site depends on your liking and you can invest on a cheap but absolute quality in advance for the upcoming winter season. Grab the opportunity on the TBdress website because they're still having a 75% off  on other items site-wide. Link here: http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Cardigan-100595/ Hurry up girls, you don't want to miss this.

Thanks for the visit!

July 24, 2014


  • Just a little trivia, did you know that polka dots has been around since mid 1920's? I found out that after Ms. America been photographed in a polka dot swimsuit in 1926, American's been in-love with this flecks since then. A few years after Disney present the ever beloved Minnie Mouse on a polka frock with the cute bow. Read more about the brief history of polka dots and how it evolves written by Chloe Pantazi of The Hairpin.com

  • I never got the chance to wear this dress after I purchase it few months back in a thrift store. It's original price is Ph80 ($2 approx) then it went on sale I got it for Ph35, few cents of a dollar I thinkMy long term relationship with thrifting is not a secret to anyone, I start thrifting clothes when I was only 14 years old, a Fashionista wannabe back then, but I don't have the knowledge on the "basics". I just wear what I love and pairing uncomplimentary pieces together. ;) I'm not a fond of polka dot really but as I grew older (with this blog) I learn to appreciate this very antique style of clothing.

  • The last dot polka dot dress that I wore is last seen here . Have worn this, when I was just recovering by flu, but yet suffer symptoms of cough and cold. Sobssss, I just didn't give the justice that the dress deserves and to my pictures too, I might pair with this scarf, pin curls or something rockabilly-esque look. What do you think?

  • Hope you're doing okay!
  • Dotty dotty,
  • Cassie

July 23, 2014


July 20, 2014


Every time a woman has a special occasion that she needs to attend to the “what to wear?” notion is always present. It’s a constant big deal what kind and what will suit and fit for her. A prom, a date with a special someone, and an event, name it, it’s always a predicament.

On TBdress.com there is a vast collection of dresses/sexy dresses that a woman needs on every occasion. Today's post I will show you my personal choice of cheap sexy dresses that I arrange according to colors from this incredible website. 

They're also having a 75% off on these dresses that are high quality clothing that can assure the needs of most women like us that at times needs to exudes sexiness without compromising our budget and comfort. Here’s the link for you to ensue their website http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Sexy-Dresses-100586/

Hope you like my sexy dress choices and check their website.


July 19, 2014


I know this is awkward to post summer getaway in time and season of storms and monsoons here in Ph. But I want to personally mishmash things and to have good vibes during gloomy days.

This post is sequel to my PICO DE LORO DAY 1 read here. Because I am so sure that this summer getaway will never happen again anytime this 2014, I've decided that I will post second entry even it's rainy season here in Ph. This post is flooding of pictures so, I apologize in advance But I won't talk too much like I did on my Maleficent post. I will let the images do the talking, (fingers cross) I give some captions though. ;)