February 25, 2014

Being Round and My Pair of Scissorhands

I have announced to my last post that I have cut my hair for abut 5 inches.. Now.. I cut them another 3! Woo! It looks so long still. I come to the point of cutting my hair because I am kind of tired with it. The dry part from the middle to the ends the muddle up ombre blondie… Though I love my “messy hair” I think my hair needs a refreshing cut.

Thriftier's Outfit:
Gold  Double Cross Necklace - Amanda's Place ( local boutique)
Gold Vintage watch - Casio
Mystic Knot bracelet - Chinese charm kiosk
 Black Peplum Blouse - Dalagita
Red Jeggings - Off Brand
Leopard Heels - MNJ

I never thought I can project piercing eye on a picture ;)

On the other hand maybe you have noticed that I am becoming rounder and rounder… oh.. Food and stress is the main culprit! I am always tired and I trained myself to thinking things! And I ended up like a piggy Fashionista Hamster.. Yes a hamster! Oh well, I hope I will find time to work out for my body to healthy at least.

To tell you honestly when we took this picture we’re planning  for dinner out… Guilt-ridden situation Shame on me… and take note, we’ve gone for  a Korean Buffet.. Guilty pleasures indeed..

Chubby Barbie Becoming,


February 06, 2014

Love is in the Air

 Hello everyone! It's love month already sweetness, love and romance is in the air again. Hearts and red roses everywhere. Me and my family  went to mall last Saturday for some home appliance and get the chance to stress and shoo out every bad vibes around..

Just want to share quick random photos.. ;)

I just love the crimson color everywhere.. <3

Thriftier's Outfit:
Stripe 3/4 sleeves - Random Thrift
Lion's Head Necklace - Girl Shoppe
Black Leggings - Random Boutique
Golden Heart Flats - Sophie Martin Paris
Yellow Satchel - Parisian Bags 
 I just love the crimson color everywhere.. <3

By the way, I chopped my hair about 5 inches.. But I am not thrilled about it. Still very long..

Happy heart,