August 31, 2012

Thrift Treasures of The Month: August

Hello everyone! I don't have a TOOTD today 'cause I'm in a dress that I wore on my past posts. An idea sparks in my mind as I was just looking straight to my monitor.. (Like this O.O.) From now on I will have a new segment to be called "Thrift Treasures of the Month" to post my recent thrift items for every month whether I wore /or used it in a past post. I just want to have a summarize list and pictures of what I've scored on my thrift shop visits . Since tomorrow is September 1st already, another month of surprising myself and showing you my unique treasures..

Grandma's purse, PHP 100
PHP 350 Boots Xhop

Gray Boots, PHP 350 Boots Xhop

Brown satchel bag, PHP400

Here's my favorite a furrrr.. I'm not sure if it's faux or real. Bought it for only... PHP150 !!!

Keep sending love and link back your blog so I can return the favor.
Have a great weekend everyone!


August 30, 2012


 Photo from Pinterest

I didn't mean to be naughty on my title. Here's the story. I'm absent yesterday because there is a strange feeling about my ohhh little boobs, yeah it's little she's just 34A/75A. I felt tolerable but uncomfortable pain (ugh I can't explain myself well) in my left breast. I'm so paranoid that I touch every side or angle of my breast and examine it if there is a progression of lumps or something. I don't want to have a breast cancer or cyst and other breast related diseases, when you have it you're thinking already a painful death. Oh my what am I thinking? I'm still young to die! 
I'm over reacting everything here did I? 

 So today I visit a doctor and (sigh) I'm happy that she didn't notice any signs of lumps or anything on my breast. She just ask me if where I carry my shoulder bag, and I said on the left. She explains to me that heavy bag that's been carried with a shoulder can trigger pain on the part of a breast. A sigh of relief because it's true that I carry my extra heavy bag on my left shoulder and now I have a clue on what's causing the pain and everything.  Doctor prescribed me an Anti-Inflammatory drug, for 10 days and I'm hoping that I would no longer be dealing with such boob dilemmas that I've got.  ( I can hear my Mama laughing, she's contagious when she laugh! It's a whole HA-HA-HA!!! )

Pinterest's funny quotes about boobs that I can really relate.  But If I'm to choose I'd rather have small boobs than to have a big sick one :D  

Lesson learn: Never carry extra unnecessary things in your bag to make it less heavy. And now I don't want to wear push-up bras with wires (because there is no flesh to push! Kidding :D) just a safety precaution and prevention but research say it's a mythWell I don't know, but sometimes I can't breath with wires. I include these funny but inspirational pictures and quotes from Pinterest.


Fire Extinguisher :D

want coffee?

Floral Top - Thrift P50
Wide Leg Pants - Thrift P50
Platform Booties -  AV
Aztec Print danglings - Girl Shoppe P40
Leopard Belt - Pay for Less P75
Old Valentino Watch
DIY friendship bracelet


August 27, 2012

Time Spared not Enough & Red Heads' Ambush Photograph

Hello there everyone! It's holiday today and supposedly there's no work for me and no classes for students here in PH. But unfortunately the place/Agency that I'm working at had made a Resolution their employees must go to work even for the holidays except for: Holy Thursdays, Holy Fridays, All Saints/Souls Days, Christmas Day and lastly New Years Day. (Even Saturdays we need to go to work) Oh well, even if we're paid for that matter, we're whining for the a little time for ourselves and our family. Bonus for me at times like these Saturdays and Holidays, we're not required to pull prim and proper office outfits. ( We don't have uniforms) just dress-up a nice and comfy clothes on whatever you like and of course the clothes/outfits that communities' (conservative) eyes can accept. OK now, enough on my generous working schedule.. My sissy ask me to go snacks on our favorite food chain w/c is McDonald's . She's so skinny unlike me but she had a huge appetite for foods. Of course my beautiful boyfriend is with us also. 

Their internet connection is a bummer!
Sister poses 

A little Ambush Photograph that Michael has made. A moment that we encounter,  my fellow Red Head enthusiast Lovely girl. Yes, her name is Lovely and she's working on ,HBC Home of Beauty Exclusives branch in our area. She became my friend obviously because of our fondness for red hairs..  

I'll be wise on choosing clothes again even in a hurry, I look fat and WIDE in this shot >. <
I felt Modern Wednesday-ish in this outfit. Only the black purse is thrift-ed.

Good Night Loves..!


USD 8.28, Boots Xhop

USD 8.28 Boots Xhop

JC Foxy Platform Dupe, USD 37.86, AV

Howdy!! How's your blog doing? Mine has been quiet for the whole week because my schedule won't allow me to spare even an hour for my little blog. My head is full and so my little table (Full of paper work!). So now, I want to share with you these not-so little pretties that I got from the mail last Friday.. The booties were thrift-ed from my favorite online boots shop: Boots Xhoppe (I'm afraid they're not accepting orders internationally ) and the third glittery platform sandals is from Asian Vouge Shop.  I'll pair them with a nice TOOTD and post them here soon!

P.S. Here's a  TOOTD from last Friday

Sorry for the low quality photo =) . And hate that my hair color isn't visible without flash!

I want to get rid of these piles of papers that I think as quite tall as me ( you never know how little I am ;P)  in no time...Have a nice week everyone!


August 21, 2012

Cassie Thriftier

Hello there everyone!  I've been busy these past few days and I hadn't posted any of the thrift treasures that I found in my favorite local shops. Hmm, I'm thinking about changing my blog name, from "Cassie's heart-shaped box" to "Cassie Thriftier". I got this idea because I have been inspired by  Thriftfanatics by place where fellow thrifters can share their amazing blogs and thrift finds with others.  Cassie's heart-shaped box sounds very personal, Cassie Thriftier is much better since I'm super Thriftaholic and my favorite hangouts is thrift shops, plus I love blogging about it.. :D  And so it goes... Cassie Thriftier!!!

To my fellow Thriftiers, We can follow each other and share our blogs and thrift finds...


August 16, 2012

First TOOTD's with My Red Hair

 My First TOOTD's with my freaking' rocking red hairrrr.. I'm Just so happy to pull off the outfits with my new colored mane this past couple of days.  TOOTD? haha, It's Thrifted Outfit Of The Day lol! I just add the thrifted because you know, I'm loving fabulous outfits that came from my thrift stores hoarding.=)

White top - Thrift
Floral tulip maxi-skirt (it's a granny dress before) - Thrift
Brown bag - Thrift
Valentino Watch - off brand
Brown Glass Stone Ring - Etsy

LBD Dress - Thrift
Gold Buckled Belt - Pay for Less (local store)
Black Pumps - MNJ

P.S. I didn't post on how I did my hair.. I just did what instructed on the box *wink* Happy red head now ^,.,^

August 15, 2012

Mother and Daughter Thrift Bonding

Mom told me about the newly open Japan Surplus Shop near in her workplace and mine, so we decided to check their stuff right away even the weather is bad (nothing would stop us now?). Their shop is full of fine furniture, good used condition appliances shoes and bags! Maybe the shop attendant pleased to have us in their store so he gave us a very good discount on the purse that we've purchased. The clutch and purses were tagged PHP150, we haggle a little and he gives the bags PHP100 each. Isn't a generous  man to give his super low priced items at a much lower price for us? Ha-ha.. Mom and I swear to him that we're going back to purchase more, and we'll become his "Suki" or regular customer.

Torrens signed black purse

Hinomoto signed weave clutch bag

A small carpet to place outside the bathroom
New thrifted treasures =)

I'm with my new hair right now and I feel prettier today than yesterday..I'm so Happy!! ^,.,^

August 12, 2012

Can I Pull Off Red Hair??

process of strand testing
after drying.

I've been lusting for red hair for a month now after seeing Cosette Munch of on Lookbooknu. Her hair is orange red as I define it but I'm not sure about what exactly to call that red shade (ginger red perhaps?). Right now my hair is like a golden / light blonde and I'm strand testing copper red. I don't want to skip from light blonde into very bright red without taking it slowly. So darker red shade I'm opting to.

picture of Cosette Munch from

I'll post a picture later of my newly red hair. As of now here's a couple of inspiration that resembles to the color I used on my strand test:


Happy Sunday!!

August 10, 2012

Mom's Old Leather Bag

Hello my Dears!

How was your day? As I was digging the junks in our house these past few days, I found this dusty leather bag of Mom that she has forgotten about.  I can't remember when it was bought (circa late 90's maybe).  It's not vintage yet, though the signs of usage make me feel it's a vintage already.  Lucky me, that she never throw or gave it away because I definitely want her to pass it to me, there is just one part missing; the sling strap (if that's the word). Mom told me she gave it away to someone else. Aside from its strap, there is nothing amiss with this pretty bag. I'll hoard thrift stores instead to look for another brown bag with uniforming detachable straps to suit it.

Some signs of usage and scratches

What kind of vintage piece that your parents have given to you?  Comments and suggestions are welcome! And let me visit your blog by leaving a link on your comment. =) 

August 09, 2012

Dark Skies...

View from Sierra Madre Resort and Hotel, Tanay, Rizal PH. (it's about to rain in this shot.)

Wew, just a quick post before lunch break. I guess I have this blurry feeling about blogging, maybe because I am still learning my way to blog.

Happy Lunchtime!

August 06, 2012


Last weekend, rain pours throughout the day that makes me lazy to go to my work but I have too. (Yes it's the weekend but obliged to do my job). Wet streets didn't avoid me to wear my suede fringe boots because I'm itching to wear them for the first time since I bought them 3 weeks ago from an online thrift shop on Facebook -Boots Xhop (not sure if they offer international order). Wearing warm clothes here in Philippines is seasonal because of a tropical weather, this is my chance to wear my thrifted knitted yellow long sleeves that I bought a few years back when I was in college.  It's a little itchy but very warm that no need for another layer of sweater or jacket.  After work my  tummy grumbles  and ask Michael  my boyfriend if we can have some snacks at Mc Donalds, and he didn’t  refuse to me. (Of course!) Apology in advance for the blurry pictures, Michael is an amateur photographer and  I don't have a good camera. Maybe I'll invest in it someday. 

I'm really hungry...omg  =)
Candid shot of pa-cute Dadee
see my tummy? I'm pressing my stomach in..=)))
Ate at Mc Donalds, shot at Yellow Cab. I just pose there with my messy hair because of my yellowness..XD 

Waiting for the rain to stop 
inborn short legged

Yellow long sleeves - Thrifted
Feather clip-ons  - local flea market
Denim shorts - off brand
Suede Fringe Boots - Boots Xhop

Hoping for a great and blessed week!


August 05, 2012


This is a month old story but I can't just let pass without posting about this not so ordinary day. This was about last July 7, 2012. It's my birthday but an incomplete celebration because at this certain moment my Mom is out of town for a duty on her work. I was a little sad then because it's my first birthday without her. At first I told my Papa that we can go out for a lunch date but he refuses, he told me that a take out food for our dinner will be fine 'cause he'll be doing his stuff at home not able to join us. It is also our 5th anniversary with my loving boyfriend Michael.. He planned that we go out for a movie since Spider Man is out now showing in Philippine cinemas. Prior to my birthday he asks me what gift I want for my day and our Anniversary, I told him it doesn't matter but don't forget the flowers.. (Ha!) Most us girls really wanted a flower for a special days or occasions but I never insisted my man on what kind of gift I want. We went to the cinema with my sister late half an hour, cinema is not that full packed so we were told by the attendant that we can watch it again later. The movie ended, several minutes passes by with an advertisement. We took a few pictures, and I told him "can I see my gift now?" It's a two medium size Bear Cuddler (a local brand of stuffed teddy bear) paper bag, so I know that inside is a stuffed toy. When I open the first bag, it's a little bear with checkered shirt, too cute.. But my tears burst when I saw the second bear, actually it's a little "hot dog" pillow (if that's the word) with a bear’s face, it says "I love how You loved me". My tears fell, my sister is kinda laughing at me because she thought I was being over reacting of course I am not. Dadee (term of my endearment for him) asks why I am crying.. I said nothing..With a smile. But the truth is I really felt the words, I'm touched really touched that I wanted to smooch him again and again in the cinema.. It's a literal pain in my chest because I am forcing myself not to cry.. That moment I am smiling but tears continue to fall. I forgot to ask where my flowers but I didn't mind then because I'm overwhelmed with the little present. Before we go home I bought a cake and a whole grilled chicken for our dinner. I did celebrate my birthday but not that extravagant just a simple celebration...

With Dadee before opening my little gifts
I call him Peter, when we've met..
The second teddy...
A not so desirable crying picture of mine.. 
With my not-so-little sister.. ; )

How sweet your boyfriend was when it's your birthday? Even in ordinary bonding moments.. You can share it with me ;)

 Comments and suggestions are welcome! And let me visit your blog by leaving a link on your comment. =)