October 30, 2013


My problem about sparing a time on my blog is not new to those who reads my blog regularly. Moreover Halloween is just around the corner, but as this special holiday approaches, my work is doubling it’s time requirements, as if it’s we’re on “peak” time and doing a Halloween make-up or dressing up for Halloween is one of my biggest endeavor as a blogger. But the dilemma that is mentioned above is a pain..
Now I am sharing with you the make-up ideas that I really really want to try. I want you to get inspired to these images from google when I was surfing the internet last month. (Yes! Last month!)

The first one is very simple at first look, but looking at it closer, it seems that it's hard to do the lace details. The 2nd one is the simplest candy skull make-up I have ever seen so far. I have done a trial  resemble with this one but at that time I'm not yet a blogger. I have no chance to show it to you. 

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Ahh.. Corpes Bride, one of the greatest muses on the cosplay scene for me. And lastly, this romantic macabre/Gothic style Halloween make up below. I think the reason why I love this make-up and styling is because of the very messy and dry hair. Getting my hair messy is not a bother at all because whenever I woke up in the morning, my hair is like this.. ;P   

All images are from pinterest.com.  Credits are given to their rightful owners.

I'm wishing you all a wonderful and fabulous Halloween. I envy you girls because I can't dress up for this year. I am so sad. ;(

Happy Halloween!!!

Fangs for you,

October 23, 2013


 Hello readers!
 Well I am sick with cold and fever today and I hope I can get well soon. I’m still in the office though,  finishing what’s to be done before October ends. I am sick and tired of the people around me that is no help and continuously doing catty-chats and talking no sense trash behind my back. Whew, as much as I don’t want to post something like this on my blog, I don’t have any outlet to cast away these negative things. Haaay.. I am so agitated even I am setting my mind not to pay attention to this absurdity I can’t getaway from it. Even I don’t want to bash somebody on the internet or in person, it makes me weak. Aarrggh!!
Anyway, an outfit post for you that I think I’m sick on the images too.. ;) Taken when my future mother-in-law (finger’s crossed) celebrates her birthday.

The trees on the right side is fake because I manipulate it with photo shop, now it looks like a crappy background ;)

Thriftier's Outfit:

Floral Crown _ D.i.y
Gold Vintage earrings - Vente
White Blazer - Asian Fashion
Floral Tank Top - Vanita Sorella
Crissa Jeans
Silver Shoes - Thrift

 Can someone teach me a prayer to cast all these evil-ish things!!!? 
Oh God, help me deal with these people or creature, or whatever you call them ..
God Bless us All. 
Advance Happy Haloween!


October 20, 2013


One Sunday noon, my boyfriend abruptly text me that he and his folks will arrive to my house to pick me up because they’re going to Regina Rica. A pious place in small town of Tanay province of Rizal . This place is a sanctuary for those who soul search. The vast area of vicinity is full of lush trees and grass and hills. The true core attraction  of this place is the enormous bronze statue of Mother Mary that holds baby Jesus on her hand while standing on the hill in the heart of the place. Inside the wide skirt of the statue is actually  a mini chapel that can hold 20 persons and where the  monstrance or onstensorium is place at the center.

You know what, I don’t really good at describing a place like this one but this place is really really holy, in a way that I can feel it. And, given that I went to this place impromptu, I wasn’t able to bring my camera. So, bf’s cousins camera is enough for a little photo taking. ;)

This what Mother Mary and Jesus look like in more up-close. The fog is everywhere because rain is coming and the place is mountainous and elevated.

Thriftier's Outfit:
black and blue dress - Local Boutique
Knitted Blazer - Gallery; Thrift

The outfit I wore is just conservative because I know that the place has a strict dress code. They want the visitors to have a decent attire before entering the church or going to the foot of the mother. In some visitors who do not know about the dress code,  they have a stock of linen cloth that can be wear around your waist and tuck it to become a mid length skirt for the the extra skin that is exposed when they're wearing a short or a mini skirt/dress.

souvenir shop


folks with windy hair ;)

For more information about REGINA RICA ROSARII, you can visit the website at reginarosarii.org‎ or reginarica.org

Thank's a lot for taking your time on visiting my blog. ;)


October 03, 2013

#2 VINTAGE MONDAY // I have made my Logo on Photo Shop!

 I want to share with you today.. I have made my logo on Photo Shop! Remember my past blog post with different logos and color. Well I’m just having an experimentation with my blog and hoping in the near future I will be able to design it or hire someone to make my blog a professional like made web design. Of course with the aid of my patience  boyfriend I am able to do the little photoshopping with these few letters and a little edit blur on the sides. He’s very patient especially whenever I am having issues with my “patience”.

Taken at the creepy space on the building.


Vinatge Inspired Sunnies - Random
Brass Elephant Necklace - Jewels in the Palace
Faded Gold purse - Gifted
Knitted Blazer - Gallery (thrift)
Red Shirt - Listed (offbrand)
Vintage Skirt - Vanita Sorella
Antique inspired shoes - Thrifted

Anyway this is very elementary and you can see some obvious flaws, I know I’m just happy with my first try.
  I've finally made the logo which can be watermarked on any of my pictures that I will post.
Because I wore this last Monday and I am feeling vintage-y that day here it is my Vintage Monday TOOTD.

Any advice for a newbie on photoshop? Feel free to share it and comment below.