November 28, 2014


know, I know I've been posting since last week about all the sales that several good shopping websites will have, and who do not want huge discounted deals items in the comfort from their home? You got to get your fond items without rushing outside and go to malls and experience heavy traffic wasn't nice? I wanted to share another website that will cater their Cyber Monday Deals... Tadaa! And it's or simply Eric Dress. The whole site will provide 85% off and you'll able to get another 5% off when you purchased $79.99, sound good! Prior to their sale event, I have selected a few of their amazing stuffs and items that ever you'll need or like for yourself or for your loved ones.

The first category is their cheap special occasion dresses. Amazingly beautiful handcrafted pieces. As you'll go to their site, they have dozens of dresses that you can choose from. Prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dress, occasional or evening dresses, quinceaƱera dresses and sweet sixteen dresses. And if you're looking for a wedding dress, they have it too! Just browse on this link

 More items on this clickable link :
Women don't have the same taste on dresses and fashion, good to know that they have a whole lot of items to choose from.  You'll never be able got out of selections. Accessories or jewelries like rings, necklaces, trendy earrings are up for grabs too, and I forgot gorgeous shoes and bags too!

What outerwears to choose? It's up to you or browse on this link for more amazing coats and outerwears.

Their Cyber Monday deals week will run from December 1 to December 7, 2014. You don't want to miss this I know, especially if you're on a tight budget and don't want to have a rush Christmas shopping. Hold on to their website on the said date for you to avail their special Cyber Monday Sale on


November 26, 2014


Hi Everyone!

I don't have anything to post lately because I'm darn too busy and always pre-occupied, my body and my brain, so anything that came pass to my mind, just goes away. I have a lack of ideas and a better sleep too, that's why, no inspiration to post. Oh dear... But anyway, somehow I got a good news for you. It's Another Cyber Monday Sales from a rising webstore better as Tidestore.

I'm into hats now so I chose to present here my favorite hats one with a vinatge british flare and the one with large brim hat. 

I know winter is coming and the days are really getting colder every day. So why not share, I think best of the outer wears. Black never gets out of style any season, a furry coat with a simple tie-ribbon detail and the other one is sunshine yellow with a faux fur detail too and has a double breasted feature. 
Lastly, winter clothes styling can never be complete without boots, and a high knee boots is a must! It will keep your legs warm while outdoors and can be an important staple too on your winter wardrobe.

As you you know Cyber Monday sale is going to be a huge deal willhappen and a surprise is here :  Their Cyber Monday will start on November 30, so mark your calendar now and catch a big massive clothes sale on


November 20, 2014


Hello girls! First, I wanted to thank you for all the sweet comments on my last blog post which I wore the white outfit, it's a brave take for me. And for all the latest followers (w/c I followed back immediately) thanks to you, I appreciate it so much, you all made my day. As you all know I've been sharing episode of good deals from, and today I'll be sharing once again a sale activity on their site the on their site the Cyber Monday Sale. This is the third one so sit back and enjoy my post they might have what you're looking for. is one of the pioneering websites that caters affordable wedding dresses, it's not only affordable, but all elegant, and wide array of style to choose from. So here's what I picked for their cyber Monday wedding dresses deals. Buy cheap wedding dress online sales here

And for bridesmaid dresses, I choose dark colors to fit the fall season. One floor length, and one short in length, to get to see more different style click here like find vintage women bridesmaid dresses 
 And here's the cute dresses to complete the little flower girls, from simple to very grand dresses.  Find the vintage lace flower girl dresses here
And for all other dresses that you need, like mother of the bride dresses or just a formal wear that is necessary on a wedding or formal events, just click here for more lovely items.

There you have it, I hope you enjoy today's post, and head on to TBDress website for their Cyber Monday Sales, not every Monday though but everyday sales!

November 14, 2014


 Inner Top & Blazer : Thrift || White Skirt : Local Buys || White Strap Chunky Sandals: Petite Zombie (instagram shop) || Head wear : Pretty Little Blings || Sunglasses: Classique Apparel

Hello everyone!

White is not my kind of color, especially for clothing, I mean I love white because It's clean looking and suits every skin color and body type. But It's not practical to wear white for me because I am always commuting, smoke and dust are always present and you know the heavy pollution you can always encounter. On the contrary, I have challenged myself to wear all white since the arrival of my chunky heels. I've been dying to have one since August of these pretty chunk. This chunky trend makes me wake up until midnight to choose and mix match everything and best clothing that will possibly best to pair it. So I come up with these. To balance all the white, I wear a tiara with a faux blue stones hanging that was bought a few months ago from and a mirrored  sunglasses that bought at @Classiqueapparel a sunglasses shop on instagram. I've been shopping online recently because I really do not have the time to go to the mall and the things that I see online, seems not in the mall boutiques. Do you like my look? Share me your thoughts by commenting below.


November 12, 2014


Hello there, I have collected some few items from today because of their Thanksgiving sale. It's a way of thanking  back to their lovely customers. Isn't it another lovely news? Actually there are tons of items that I want to show you but I can never get them in one post... I hope you'll love them as well as I love them to be in my wardrobe.

 An overcoat jacket is extremely in for these season, lovely colors that suits every taste unique fashionista. Overcoats deals overload here

And if a an overcoat is too much for you, I think these lovely blazers are quite enough. Florals never goes out of style. More blazers here

And last but not the least, boots! Booties surprises more here

There you have it! is simply amazing to their customers and here's another link that has a tons of surprises here


November 10, 2014


Top and Skirt: Thrift || Purse : Mom's || Heels : Bought locally

Hello everyone! Well, here's my Vintage Monday again, here in PH, it's Tuesday already, but I know in some parts of the world. It is still Monday. *wink* I don't give much effort to my outfit on this post, I just wear my red polka dot midi skirt that I bought recently and I kinda love the 1940's vibe of it, which of I'm really really stoke to wear because it's shouting Minnie Mouse! Luckily, I still have my yellow kitty heels, which I am planning to give away, but then again, I still have the pretty babies. Adding an extra vintage-eye, I grab mom's very old black purse, which I think same as my age now..Hhihi, though it has some scratches and wear, it adds the nostalgia of the past fashion era. Do you love red polka skirts too? do you like my Vintage Monday post? P.S I did try the 1940's hair updo but I fail.. ;(