May 30, 2013

Peasant Blooms

I don't want to be cheesy but title of this post before is Flower Power. Anyway I change it rigt away ;)))
 Before I go home last Tuesday night, me and Dadee (boyfy) make our way to a local dept. store in town searching for his new appliance.  Me for some reason want to have many flowers around our house. So it would be nice if I bought some in decor section and also for my upcoming (my forever plan) d.i.y floral headpiece. 

Here are the Decor section for synthetic flowers..

And here are my purchases

A dreamlike shot

I'm planning to do some post in with my mini flower collection. Actually my love for flowers are just a recent story when I'm devoured with so many personal problems in life. I'd say miraculously flowers help me heal the sanity within me. whew! anyway It's good I'm blogging again, feels like forever.


May 23, 2013

#Throwback #Thursday

A #throwback #thursday.

This photo was taken way back two years ago, I was just 22 then. Actually this was the first entry I did when I try to join last year. A very awkward photo for me because I'm not confident about my styling back then. I admit that LB world taught me so much, about how will I express myself on the dresses I wore everyday.

Tube Dress - Unknown Brand
Valentino Watch

Cassie, missing the slender arms and the not so chubby cheeks ;)

May 02, 2013


A little update about me pretties since I am m.i.a for 2 months? Haha so sorry my work is demanding me full time. (for now) and I pity myself 'cause my dream summer diy plans is gonna be a little late. I hope summer can wait.
I color my hair black and red (semi-permanent) dye. Not a perfect ombre but pretty enough for me since I was the "only one" and capable of /courageous to play with my hair.
Actually this picture is taken awhile ago and the red streaks had already fade. My hair as of now is quite black and muddy blonde, I'm not really sure but muddy blonde is the first thing that comes to my mind. Hope  you're all good this summer lovelies.. <3

Have a great Summer!!