August 21, 2013

Gloomy Week - Day 4 X Orange Pop

 I can't believe it! Philippines are just moving on after the floods and heavy rainfall that typhoon "Maring" and monsoon had given. And now on the news there is some Low Pressure Area that is being monitored. Gosh, until when are Filipinos gonna be "Water Proof"?
I guess we're just taking what we took on mother nature ;(

Oh bother, anyway we are still lucky that despite of the calamities, my family and love ones are not affected by this deluge, something to thank for.

Top - Celine
Faded stretch jeans - Crissa Jeans
Stars & Chains Necklace - Girl Shoppe
Orange Belt - Bizaare
Orange chunky Heels - Korean Brand

Tata for now,

Gloomy Week Day 3 X Still life and Awesome Cuteness

 Hello my dear readers, how's your day? Mine isn't not that gloomy anymore and I am glad that tropical typhoon already leaves PAR (Philippine area of responsibility). I am proud to say that despite of flooding, Pinoy's resiliency is incomparable.

Today's post is just a still life of what I'm wearing. I didn't have time to take photos  why not taking images of their still life right? 

My sweet boyfriend treats me a snack over a cafe near our office building.
And when I got home, awesome cuteness welcome me.

Tata for now,

August 20, 2013

Gloomy Week Day II - Looking at the Brighter Side

Floral Dress Worn Under - Local Boutique
Pale green maxis - Thrifted
Neon green belt - Genevieve
Vintage Watch - Casio

All of us had experience failing shortcomings in our life, some just live with it and for some it’s a curse situate upon them. I have encountered so many Shortcomings in my life at an early age but in those particular difficulties myself learned to be strong. With the love and support of my family I learn how to look at the brighter side, search for the silver lining and all that stuff. I realize how to wait if isn’t the time yet. I never questioned God why; I just wait and keep the faith..

The outfit worn here is way back a couple of months ago. I just dug them up from old files so that efforts won't put into waste. As you can see I change my blog a bit just to freshen it up and I infused it with simple pinky motiffs and fonts. I'm experimenting also with my logo making, credits on images may quite change in the future, but let us see. I'm still not satisfied on how it looks.

Always looking at the brighter side,

August 19, 2013

Gloomy Week Day 1 X FOTD

Monsoon rain and typhoon Maring shared heavy choruses of rain since last night, and today classes of all levels including some government offices are suspended. A heavy gloom Struck me and I’m unable to get up as colorful as I am. I’ve decided to wear all black because my mom told me that if it’s rainy or cold season dark colored clothes helps our body to get warm, I don’t know if there’s a scientific explanation for that but it’s effective for me. I am wearing an old top from Listed, a simple leggings and paired them with my favorite black pumps.

And for the first time I've got a nerve to share with you my FOTD. I am not a pro but I love putting colors in my visage. I do my face with smoky and semi-grungy look. Let me tell you my little secret on how I make making my eyes, I am lazy to use a brush so all this time I’m just using my fingers, the ring finger to be exact on blending, defining the creases and doing the inner corner and outer V.

On the Face:
Skingent Day Protective Cream - Hbc
Black eyeshadow - Quatro eye palette - Essence
Cheeks - E.l.f Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream
Eyeliner pencil - Ever Bilena
Eyeliner Pen - Hbc
Lips - Mauvey; Ever Bilena
Top (old) - Listed
Leggings - Dalagita
Pumps - Shoe Tree
Layered Necklace - Girl Shoppe
Wrap up leather bracelet & Skull+cross Bracelet - both Random

In case if you notice and wonder with my bushy eyebrows, I never shave nor pluck them. I just keep them that way. I'm not used into sexy thin brows but I bleach them at times whenever I wanted a different aura.

 Share your random thoughts and and feel free to give comments, keep safe everyone!


August 18, 2013


 How’s everybody? The rain still pouring and I’m tucked in my bunk  right now..  
Even it’s rainy season here, summer ensemble is up to when I went to work last week. Actually I wore this kind of ensemble many times but since time deficiency is keeping me from taking photos.

InnerTop: Listed;OuterWear: Thrift H&M blazer; FloralPants: LocalBoutique
BeadedArmCandy: All from Girl Shoppe

I want to share also that I’ve been busy selling snacks and coffee in the office. Tehee! some of you have done this too. This is my minor yielding, in view of the fact that I need to save money for future purposes and I’m targeting before the end of this year is to buy a piano or an organ perhaps. 

Keep safe,

August 12, 2013

Vintage Monday

It’s very cold and wet here in the Philippines because of the typhoon “labuyo”.  Gloomy day and makes me want to absent, but no-no-no today’s Monday and we still have lots of papers to be encoded and has to be reported next week. Argh.. When I’m writing this I feel like I have the eyes of Garfield because it’s going to shut any time. I’m so tired but I love this blog. I want to keep updated as possible.

This is the first time that I wear this vintage dress from Vanita Sorella since I bought it last march. Well, I just don’t know, whenever I wanted to put this dress on, I don’t have the idea of what set of accessory , shoes, or bags that I have to pair with it. The dress is really pretty at its simplest but whenever I am planning to wear this, my eyes always perceive me at my ugliest..(fat, dark skin tone, etc.) hehe I don’t know . so weird!

At last! I've made the best ensemble. Even it’s raining outside, I pull the dress on, no doubts and hesitations in front of the mirror.. 

Do I need typhoon to make wear this?

August 05, 2013

Polka Dress One and Only

I've been missing in action AGAIN and I miss updating my blog so much. This time I just want to share my one and only recorded outfit before the my workplace gone on the rocks. Woah!! so much stressful events has been occurred and been occurring. The 10 days that I've spent in the special task that I handle is very tough and prioritizing. I can't even take noon break. It still gives me the aftermaths of full paper and clerical jobs that I have ever imagine. Juggling time, work loads, and best antagonist/s in the office. I am still grateful that I can still carry on the stress and tiresome days. 


Missing You,