July 21, 2013

Wandering Lady Bug at Picnic Grove (6th Anniversary Tagaytay Trip Part 1)

We celebrate our 6th Anniversary and my birthday in a week advance. We saunter in Tagaytay City for a purpose of a romantic, cooler and much "farther" place that we can explore. It is thwarting to divulge that within our 6 year relationship, this is the most distant that we voyage and celebrate on our own. And instead relishing the time by exchanging sweet nothings, reflect on how we grew old with each other, the boyfriend enjoys the lens and of course the little girlfriend makes herself perfect in front of him... 

First stop is the not so popular Picnic Grove. In this park you can enjoy hectares of lush greenery, overlooking at the Taal Volcano and the cable cars and zip lines. I’m begging my boyfriend to experience the Zipline unfortunately there’s no baggage counter supposedly to secure our things while we're enjoying ourselves. And because I don’t like to ride on the zip line alone, the last resort for us is to choose the cable car. Honestly I don’t really enjoy my ride maybe because I wasn't thrilled with it. And in  my opinion we are like impounded puppies on the cable car itself. 

So sad that Taal Volcano can't be seen in these shot.

I remember a funny little drama had happened because of my headpiece and maybe the way people see me. While we are sitting, waiting for the free picture from the cable car, I was putting a little lip tint on my lips, one middle aged woman kept stealing a stare on me. Well, I have an idea why, but to my surprise maybe due to her itch to know why I dress like what I’m wearing she suddenly asked “you’re the individuals that's gonna perform later? " (kayo ung magpper-form mamaya?) I just answer her back "no, it's just an outfit" (hindi po, outfit lang)
And I just smile ;)

We ate our lunch at Alamat Restaurant; we stayed there for a couple of hours. I ordered “sinigang na hipon” and “kare-kare” for Michael (Dadee) with rice ofcourse. I love their sinigang because the prawn is in medium size and sour of ‘sampalok” flavor is my kind in way extra sour. The “kare-kare" is mouth watering too because of the delicious “alamang” on the side, but meat is a no-no for me as of that moment, I tasted the veggies instead. Unfortunately I only took pictures when we’re done eating hehe..

photo from agustincyno.blogspot.com

Phone camera dilemma. 

all prawns, terminated

buuuuurrrrppp .:)

After we had a rest , we come across the little pony that is wandering around offering P20 per unlimited taking of photographs. It’s the caretaker truly offering not the poor animal. It is very cute because of its size, kind behavior and its mane. Nicer than mine I guess. I want to ride on it but the caretaker don’t allow because it is still an animal, an accident might happen. I deem it’s our first time to be with such earthling up close.

I believe it is the moon that I perceive from that distance at the center.

The last thing we do before we leave the Picnic Grove is to buy something for my family at souvenir shops. I just bought simple T-shirts

I love plants and flowers but since we're only commuting we are not able to buy and carry these plants anymore.

This is just a one day excursion that is why, were running out of time then, but a lot of pictures.
Hope you enjoy your stay here in my blog..

Cassie Lady Bug

July 07, 2013

Cassie Thriftier's First Birthday Giveaway!!! (CLOSED)

Hello my dear blogger friends! Today is my 25th birthday but I still feel the sweet sixteen in me. Anyway I am excited to announce that my blog will have its first Birthday Giveaway. This is a first time I am pretty excited and (nervous?).. This is open for Philippine residents only, but don’t pout International blog sisters, I’m planning for a next giveaway on my blogversary. 

One Filipina winner will receive a:

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I am Woman Now....
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