June 30, 2013

Old Fashioned

Last June 11, an official trip has gone by my office mates to submit a numbers of important papers on our regional office at Intramuros Manila. Unfortunately due to an obligation we have no time to spot some excellent old buildings and forgot to capture imperative and noble landmarks there.
What I've got is the inside of Patio de Conchita Restaurant we’re we had our luncheon. The House is very decent when it comes to an old-Spanish style. I’ve enjoyed my lunch there not just because they have these sumptuous and very affordable home-cooked meals but the ambiance that is full of history and gives impression of nostalgia.

Interior of the Patio de Conchita

"progressing lumps on my cheeks" in short tumataba nanaman ako

Floral Dress Vanita Sorella/ VintageBag Mom's/EnamelledPendant/ VintageRing Etsy/ Parisian Sandals/ VintageWatch Tiangge
Manila Cathedral's tower from afar

The orange building is The Palacio del Gobernador

Earlier this day, my purchase from Vanita Sorella has been arrived including the floral mini dress that I’m wearing here. I paired it with my vintage style satchel and my favorite enameled necklace.  The old fashioned girl in me is very cheery because I create my outfit relatively suited the place that we spent on that day.

Intramuros, Manila wait for my prospect to come back to you. For that time I will capture your exquisiteness.

Vintage Loving Cassie

June 20, 2013


A youngster looms near me while I was taking my lunch alone in a food chain. He inquires if I can give him a few minutes. I didn't refuse. I permit him to carry on to his words. He’s telling me that he is a self support student and he is presenting me several religious items that he’s selling. I didn't hassle myself to buy some of his items but I kind of gave him amount that somehow will aid him throughout the day because it’s palpable that his weary and drained.

Previously, before that moment I was agitated and disconcert and irritable because of the many factors on my living. It was just a good random instance that is when you give generously to total stranger and that person is giving you a big hearted ‘Thank You”, it such a thrill feeling giving me goosebumps all over. The joy and kind of feeling that I seldom experiencing day by day.

I am not significant about the generosity that I demonstrate with that young person, and maybe some of you win't flicker interest in this post but what I want to stress here is that at a random and irrelevant moment we can be a piece of blessing to others, small or big. It’s a kind of grand happiness that literally lifts inside our chest. That is what we call pure joy that certain thing money cannot acquire.

background image from www.hdwallpapersbest.com

I want to include here that It reminds of the movie called “ Evan Almighty”. Evan was told that the way to change the world is to give Act of Random Kindness at a time.

No doubt that all of us has offered their ARKs to others too.


June 19, 2013

A Nostalgia Of my Petite Heels

I have this reminiscing about the beginning of my childhood. I use to wear my Mama’s black kitten heels because as a little girl I had this fancy about grownups shoes.  Mama keeps on telling me that “hindi pa yan pwede sa’yo baby ka pa, saka na kapag malaki kana” (It won’t fit for  you, you’re still little, you can have it when you’re all grown up”)as a toddler my thoughts about growing is on a daily basis. I will try on the heels everyday thinking that my little feet are growing or lengthening a centimeter somehow.

Now, years gone by very fast although the little girl has grown up,( I’m still little by the way) has her pecuniary resources by some means and can procure any footwear that she fancy for, has a melancholy for her little memories about the first pair shoes that she love.
 Even I don’t have the ability to own hundred pairs of shoes; this little girl in me is still in the exploration for the right heels to conquer the world.

As What Marilyn's Quote, this is the perfect image for this post
image from google.com

As I am writing this, I am emotional because of the memories of me and my mother, I am just tearful when discussing about a mother and daughter’s bond.


June 13, 2013

Celebrating the Flag's Insignia

Am I Late? Oh OK I’m late for this post.. Let’s act as if today is Independence Day here in our country. To give a little background, June 12 are being commemorated and observed by all Filipinos because it is the declaration of our freedom from the colonial rule of the Spaniards since June 12, 1898. I love history but the history of my country makes me sluggish, I don’t how and why, criticisms are very welcome J

In any case, this is my first time to get involved being a blogger by creating a simple casual outfit for the primary colored flag, which is red blue and yellow. And I realize I just have a couple of yellow tops so I am need to go to thrift stores now. 

It's a lovely coincidence that our flag is peeking.

TOOTD: Thrifted RedBlazer/ YellowTop/ BlueLeggings/ VivienneWestwoodWedge/ Mom'sVintageBag

So there you go. Happy Independence Day Philippines! 


June 01, 2013

This Girl Is On Flower...

Thank you #Camera360 

And the doorknob.. :P

Hello my blooming friends! Happy first of June. It's still summer but it's raining hard here in the Philippines. I never really made my summer a "Summer"
Anyway it took me forever to have time and patience to make a flower headpiece. It's almost a year that I've been waiting for this d.i.y and now I finally made one for myself. I set myself that month of May won't end without having this, but oh well I missed the last day but not bad. The first plan is I'm going to do post my version of guide of how I d.i.y this but unfortunately I missed/misplaced the floral tape that I bought . I'm not sure if I misplaced it or I never really brought at the counter since I have so many tools for craft in my hand that moment. It happens to me at times especially when I'm excited, I always forgot something (does it happen to you too?) my forgetfulness spoil the plan. So my flower crown has no floral tape around it. Nevertheless I am happy that I finally made one not perfect but I think it's pretty enough since it's my first time doing i.. And Of course this is not the last, crown that I will make, I will make many many more!  I guess It's not necessary for me posting a guide. Let's leave it to the Pro's. But if one you beg for request I might change my mind.. Haha... <3

Channeling prettiness right now,
Cassie <3