December 08, 2013


Who's my sister? I have only one sissy. She is Yzza Leah Cadiz and she is the following:

The one who borrow my things unannounced
The one who broke my barbie dolls and toys
The one who’s always more privileged than me, in terms of lollipops, candy, even toys
The first one who pulls my hair
The first one who makes me insecure
The one who spank or hit me even they’re wrong, and the our parents will scold me if I pick a fight for that.


She's the one who knows my secrets, ( just a little she does know)
The one I have shared my solid allies no matter what happen.
The first one who will tell me that my breath stinks in the morning!
The one, who is like go gaga shopping in my bedroom for accessories or jewelries for her outfit on the day
Who consume my left over hair wax/depilatory creams? even hair conditioner!
The first one who I practice my make-up skills, hair coloring, braids with.
The one who always asks for a treat when I already have my salary.

When she gets tired of her techie devices, he’ll be the one who will pass it to me, not the usual way around. I had her Ipod now.
The one who insist that I am the favorite, but she is more luckier than me by any means.

Meet the family in the beat up van <3


Maroon Hat - Sm Department store
Green Wool Blazer - Thrift
Maroon Jeans - Datrick
Offwhite Pumps - Parisian by Sm

 This is dedicated for my little girl for her 20th birthday last December 3, I hope when she ever find herself reading this, she will like this in any manner  even I wanted to pull the tail of her being saguitarian. ;) ;) ;) <3

If you don't understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child. 

 ~Linda Sunshine

How's your relationship with your sisters/siblings going?
Share your thoughts sissies <3