December 08, 2013


Who's my sister? I have only one sissy. She is Yzza Leah Cadiz and she is the following:

The one who borrow my things unannounced
The one who broke my barbie dolls and toys
The one who’s always more privileged than me, in terms of lollipops, candy, even toys
The first one who pulls my hair
The first one who makes me insecure
The one who spank or hit me even they’re wrong, and the our parents will scold me if I pick a fight for that.


She's the one who knows my secrets, ( just a little she does know)
The one I have shared my solid allies no matter what happen.
The first one who will tell me that my breath stinks in the morning!
The one, who is like go gaga shopping in my bedroom for accessories or jewelries for her outfit on the day
Who consume my left over hair wax/depilatory creams? even hair conditioner!
The first one who I practice my make-up skills, hair coloring, braids with.
The one who always asks for a treat when I already have my salary.

When she gets tired of her techie devices, he’ll be the one who will pass it to me, not the usual way around. I had her Ipod now.
The one who insist that I am the favorite, but she is more luckier than me by any means.

Meet the family in the beat up van <3


Maroon Hat - Sm Department store
Green Wool Blazer - Thrift
Maroon Jeans - Datrick
Offwhite Pumps - Parisian by Sm

 This is dedicated for my little girl for her 20th birthday last December 3, I hope when she ever find herself reading this, she will like this in any manner  even I wanted to pull the tail of her being saguitarian. ;) ;) ;) <3

If you don't understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child. 

 ~Linda Sunshine

How's your relationship with your sisters/siblings going?
Share your thoughts sissies <3

November 30, 2013

D.i.y Leopard Nails

 Hello there! 
I am so anxious about my post today because this is my first time to post a d.i.y. I am not good at giving instructions and I hope I execute the tutorial simple and clear.
 This is how I did my leopard nails, to tell you honestly the steps I did my Leo nails just pop up inside my head, and I am sure that this technique is also used by others.

 What you’ll need:
-3 colors of nail art (preferably dark/black, mid color, and light color.
I used Chic nail art in Brown and Caress in Black and San San Nail polish in purple breeze)
-And your clean nails

November 29, 2013


Hello everyone. I just have a question to ask, how do you celebrate your boyfriends birthday? (if you have lovey-dovey). Well, I and Michael celebrated his Nth birthday in our workplace last November 18. We never ran out of paper works and client related kind public service assignments. Well at noon, we visited a church that we never visit before. A five minute drive from our office building. We offered prayers, a thanksgiving prayer for another year for him. We Filipino Catholic have a practice like that. We always visit church whenever there is something to thank for. It’s his Nth birthday, he doesn’t want to reveal his age but I live my life 2 and a half decades now and he is five year older than me, does it make any sense? I reveal his secret age.. Shhhh.. He’s going to kill me for this.. Haha just kidding.  

And yes, a little photo shooting, he loves doing this. Even it’s his day, he doesn’t want me to capture him a moment. He keeps on saying, “you’re my model, just stay put, project yourself in front of the camera and I’ll do the rest”. Arrgggh, I just want him to be the protagonist just for the day. I mean I just want to take pictures of him where he is the main subject even for once. Hmmp.. But he still wins, I pose pose pose.. click click click.

Thriftier's Outfit:
Blazer - Thrift
Lace Semi see-through - Vanita Sorella
Blue Jeans - Datrick Jeans
Blue Pumps - Marikina Shoes

And yes, a little photo shooting, he loves doing this. Even it’s his day, he doesn’t want me to capture him a moment. He keeps on saying, “you’re my model, just stay put, project yourself in front of the camera and I’ll do the rest”. Arrgggh, I just want him to be the protagonist just for the day. I mean I just want to take pictures of him where he is the main subject even for once. Hmmp.. But he still wins, I pose pose pose.. click click click.

Our boss is kind enough to give him a little surprise after office hours.. 

Happy Happy Nth birthday my love.. Stay young, charming and sweet as you are. I am looking forward for a brighter year with you. Kisses!

November 26, 2013


Red or sanguine is my 2nd  favorite color next to white and black. I occasionally used red clothing although I don’t have many red cloths in my wardrobe. But as of Sanguine itself as of to the five temperaments, I have a big amount of sanguinity on my personality, like I am quite creative with full of ideas in my messy mind. I sometimes struggle on following tasks and chronically late, tend to be very forgetful and a little bit sarcastic (which sometimes I hate my sarcasm). And as the sanguine person I love being warm hearted and optimistic but I don’t really think I am fully extrovert human being. 

Thriftier's Outfit: 
Floral Crown - DIY
Floral Dress - Rachels
Red Coat - Thrift
Platform Boots - Asian Vogue

As of my outfit, you see the floral dress that I've worn last post because we shoot this the same day. Just had an idea of two looks in one shot. I had this dainty red coat for over a year now, "as usual" again this is my first time to grab and wear it from the closet. I bought it, I think half a dollar or less on our Local Thrift stores downtown. I add this statement head crown which I really enjoy doing.

I think I project too much on this last photo..How about you? Are you a Sanguine person too? Or melancholic, choleric, phlegmatic?

Feel free to share your thoughts and your blog links too, I love to follow back.. <3


November 25, 2013


I know the holiday season is just right at the corner and the very cool northeast wind is being experienced at this point of time here in the Philippines and because of that people are starting to layer  clothes. But last Saturday morning I have this aura of summer inside me. I wanted to get sun kissed cheeks, lace or crocheted wears, feathers, chunks of rings and everything. So I go out looking like this. Coachella like outfit.

Thriftier's Outfit:
Feather Earrings- Girl Shoppe
Beaded Bracelet Set - Girl Shoppe
Red Vintage Ring - Etsy
MJ head ring - random
Boho inspired watch - random
Knitwear Crop top - Thrift
Distressed denim shorts - Girl Shoppe

 Actually it’s a reverie wearing clothes like this because It’s a seldom thing for me and I haven’t really enjoy my 2013 summer in a way like, no vacation, no beach no picnics nothing summer at all. ;( That is why I am summer dreaming in "Ber" months now..

 Do you have same supplications of heart about summer?


November 22, 2013


 This is about the outfit that I guess leads me to fight of my life (so far) because I never quarrel nor fight to somebody since the brawl and hair pulling scene with my cousin 15 years ago. I never fight with anyone. Well sometimes I get disappointed in some people but not too skirmish and pick up a fight.  In linked to my recent post if you have already read it you’ll understand what the substance of my rumblings for you today.

Thriftier's Outfit:
Brass Little bird Necklace - Etsy 
Soft linen Outerwear - Thrift
Vintage Inspired Floral Dress - Rachel's (local boutique)
Platform Boots - Asian Vogue

  My outfit set here has a story to tell again, I never thought I will roar on to someone wearing this girly, vintage inspired dress. With a soft linen outerwear with crocheted trimmings, with a sidekick of a little bird and paired it with a little toughness with this black platforms. This boots is my favorite of all my platforms and for some unknown basis I barely wear them. The sweet thing about it is because I have worn them to stand tall in front of my sudden adversary.

 *sighs* I never really thought of intense confrontations will come to take place that day with this sweet and delicate outfit. And I thought I am done with her but “she’s” not done with me yet! Oh bother what a drama & scene.

I apologized for the negative howls but this is what was happening in my runway lately. I promise this will be the last of the outfit bashing sequel I won’t let her condemn my outfits no more. I hope you’ll never experience any censure, criticism or attack on your fashion sense. Wear what you want; never think about what other people will say as long as you have no set of laws breaking in your office, organizations, agency etc. 

Wear what you want!


November 19, 2013


For my almost 1 year and 4 months of running this fashion blog, so far I am grateful that no one had bashed negatively criticize my outfits or the way I dress  “online”. No netizens have done that. 

But… on my real world one creature had the guts to condemn, the way I dress. Actually this creature is an officemate of mine (unfortunately) and it’s a “She”.  I am really done with her, personally but I will show you the list of what she’s commenting every time I am not around that I:
-Was like a Christmas tree, had this so many paraphernalia wearings maybe she’s pertaining accessories around my neck, my arm, my bags etc.
- That all of my clothes doesn’t look good on me at all, She stated that I had  worn all kinds of outfit but none of them fit/suits me.
-Stated that she’s even more beautiful  (prettier than me I think) even she’s just wearing her pajamas or home clothes on.

- That I look like I am ready for my death sentence. Can you believe that? throwing words like that? 

 Thriftier's Outfit:
Tulle dress - Thrift
Floral Blazer - Local Boutique
Blue Tights - Sm department store
Boots - can't remember

That’s the clear statements that she has thrown at my back when I wear these outfit set. But there are so many other things that she’s catty-chatts and nasty words to our officemates. I confronted her already and the problems solved I don’t want to elaborate things but one thing that I am sure of I have the last laugh!!! Ahahahaha! Sweet devilish laugh... (Oops)
You know I feel the hype more to dress up every day, she accidentally gives me this inspiration to be myself and create pretty outfits even I don’t have any photo taking for a blog post.
 I don’t want to talk and post about it before but this outfit of mine has a special story, and might be interesting to share since it’s all about fashion too <3

I am a plain employee and a fashion Blogger, I will wear whatever I feel, wish and want to wear!


November 13, 2013


This post is supposed to be posted weeks after about November 2nd, but at that time I was unable to work on it because I am not in the mood, so many errands to run and the sadness that struck me after the typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines.

This was about the simple set that I wore the day when we visit our elder’s grave at the cemetery and to tell you that I am “redhead” again! I miss being bright, fierce and fabulous with this hair color.  Actually this is not a dye, but red tint cellophane that last for about 2 to 3 weeks. Not bad at all because, the previous semi-permanent dye that I have used lasted its luster for 5 days and Voila! The colors gone and my hair become duller than it was.

Tulle dress without make-up on ;)

The day face it's death but we are still in the cemetery and playing with the lights and the camera.

Hoping for a good tomorrow, tata for now!


November 12, 2013


photo from google images

Whenever I see images of the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda, I am carrying heavy heart. If only I have some powers to lessen the burden of all the victims’ hearts, their horrible situations after typhoon wreck their homes; destroy their family member’s life, their condition on every evacuation centers if our government has enough to offer.

 I wanted to ask a little favor to all of my readers or whoever reads this blog post. I am knocking on your hearts to offer a prayer for all the brothers and sisters who’s been a victim by this typhoon. This is the least I can do but I know every prayer from each one of us is very powerful.

I have faith in Pinoy’s resiliency, brave hearts, and helping hands to brace to one another to surpass these immense circumstances.


November 08, 2013


Hello Ladies! How’s the first week of your November? Do you have early Christmas plans already? Early Christmas shopping etc. Me, I have plans now but I am in no rush, because our office is still rushing something before November 16.

 If only I could leave all work behind, all I wanted to do is stay at home, stroll the streets or make an outfit 3 times a day. *Sighs* You know sometimes, I thought to myself I hope I have started this blog 3 years earlier so that, I earn a lot of outfit works or ideas. Ha-ha, I am just dreaming to become one of those early bloggers with firm niche today. ;D But well I guess, there’s always time for everything, and my time for blogging has just sprouted a year ago. ;) I wanted to do an outfit post fir this scarf print maxi skirt but whenever I wanted to do so, I ended up looking not comfortable for the set. Arggh I’m annoyed when it happens so I ended up changing clothes again.

Thriftier's Outfit:

Casio Vinatge Watch - Authentic Watches
Black Top - Listed
Maxi Skirt - Thrifted
Platfrom Glittered Heels - AsianVouge

I tried to to this animated on PhotoScape. Hell yes! As usual it's like made from a hand of a kid.