September 30, 2012

SILENT POST #2: I have Issues

I literally have issues with myself right now. 

Shirt - Thrift a long time ago
Jeans - Off Brand PHP300
Leopard Pumps - Korean Shoes PHP400

P.S I try to ombre my hair... Does it look good?

September 22, 2012


So ok! I can't keep silent and keep my mouth shut in this post. This is very important (to me). I bought a vintage luggage bag weeks ago, but for some reasons, I always forgot to blog about it. This is a very special luggage bag because it is vintage inspired, um I'm not sure if it's real vintage, but I love it to pieces. The thing that makes it extra special is because, I pay for it for just PHP500.00 equivalent to approximately $10.00! Well, I'm very glad I scored this bag. 

As for my TOOTD, I'm wearing my dazzling black top with faux rhinestones and silver sequins paired with my old pastel colored pants, I asked my Aunt to alter it because it's wide legged before. My outerwear, a floral blazer from thrift store too! And the studded boots which are actually not my size. It's big 'cause my feet were only a size 5, and the boots are 7!  If there's a will there's a way. Ha! I wear 2 layers of extra thick sock and put  insoles to the boots to prevent it from getting off my feet. =P hehe...

If it wasn't for the whole get-up, I'm not going to post this one. I'm looking sick! 

Details of the bejeweled top.

It has a peel on some parts but I like it that way, more natural rugged and edgy looking.

                                                                              Brown Luggage - Thrift PHP500
                                                                                        Top - Thrift PHP 75
                                                                                  Outerwear - Thrift PHP 75
                                                                                      Pastel Jeans - forgotten
                                                                                    Studded Boots - Thrift PHP 200

I can't believe my red hair is fading so fast. Tsk, I need to retouch it!
                               For these posts, I can't keep silent.. It's Sunday tomorrow so I can wake-up late in the                afternoon =)
                                                     Have a Happy Sunday with your families!


September 18, 2012

SILENT POST #1: Corpo Boho

Good Day!!!
Corporate Bohemian Inspired TOOTD in a workplace I described as chaotic... ;P

My hair is in chaos too!!!

Celine cream Top - Mom's
Brown Blazer - Thrift PHP 150
Native Pattter Pencil Skirt - Thrift PHP 50Dream 
Dream Cathcher Necklace - Girl Shoppe 
Gold Slippers - Pay for Less Boutique


September 17, 2012


At this point, the rest of my year until the mid of summer next year my schedule will be hectic because of my super heavy workload. 8am, I should be in the office. 5-7pm required overtime for excess workload, at around 9-10pm just got home! And Sundays will be laundry day! 

To make this short maybe I'll be doing some "SILENT POST". So even I'm very busy, I'll try to post my TOOTD's and everything with little words or with just a description. I hope you will still visit my blog and comment your opinions and ideas. I promise to check yours asap. Thank you my lovelies and Take care always..

Stolen Shot by Michael, last August 15, 2012 inside the Antipolo Cathedral Church.  

Lots of Love,

September 15, 2012


Since when I got a job people would always ask me "are you married already?"  my answer is always not yet.. Not yet not yet. I'v no plans no plans no plans for now.. I've been like broken pirated CDs always answering again and again and again the same question. NO!! I'm not going to get married yet.. I'm 24 years old now. Many of my batch mates and classmates were married already and if not they have their babies now but I'm different I'm seeing married life is hard and for me it should be planned very well. Many people think that 24 is a marrying age for a woman but  I have so many endeavors that I want to do and even If I'm married already, I'm still pursuing my little dreams.. I'm a versatile dreamer really.. And there are tons of people who really inspires me.. My dream wedding is very extravagant but I'm not sure If it will happen the way I wanted it to be. I just want to marry the Man that I love and who loved me Holistically.. Yes that's the term.. Holistic. =) 

I'm in a dress that I personally design. At my friends' wedding last march 2012.

We attended at my cousin's wedding last April 2012. Candle bearer together with my Beau.

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Bridesmaid dresses - Custom made
Hair & make-up - Yours truly
Shoes - Gibi


September 13, 2012


Hu-hu-hu.. My post isn't about elderly who's been considered as Senior Citizens like Granmas and Grandpas of the community. I'm talking about myself.. Yes myself.. =.  I'm kinda hesitant If I'm going to post this or not but I need some insights and own opinion from you my lovely readers. This is because of my sister. She asks our mother.. " Mama, I'm wondering and thinking why does "ate" (me, to be called as elder sister) always wearing a typical maxi skirts and sometimes bold patterns. This is the worst "Para syang matanda" (She looks like an Elderly/ Aged). I was like WHAAATTT??? Do I look like Aged already? I mean do I look awful when I'm in a vintage maxi-skirts and every vintage clothing that I'm on? I'm I very tacky??? 

Well I have my own reasons for wearing skirts almost any day. 1. It's easier for me to move 2. Skirts is cooler 3. I'm not comfortable whenever my depilated hairs were (is that to be called?) regrowthing on my legs.

Geez, Is that my fault? Or is it just my sister who's not open to that kind of style? Am I really looking like a Granny because of the outfits that I'm wearing?

September 12, 2012


I found this black fringed sleeveless on the last time that I visit a thrift store. I'm flipping onto the discount section where the price is ranging from PHP 50 to PHP 75 not until I glance on the "New Arrival Section" where clothes were tagged PHP 120 - PHP 200. Quite expensive for me. I chose a few items  then I found this black sleeveless with gold skull and fringed detailing. I'm so excited that I pull it on a hanger and pay for it immediately. It's great that it fits me very well even I didn't try it on before I purchase it. 

I've been quite a fan of black outfits and skulls and fringe for years now not until I'm overwhelmed with different styles of vintage; skirts with flowers, blouse with laces, ruffles etc. I never had an edgy outfit on my TOOTD posts. I think this would be the first... ^,..,^ 

The Top's Details


 Whole TOOTD

My apparition!

Twin's Effect
I remember Amy Lee of Evanescence in this outfit, it "resembles" her stage get up on their video "WHAT YOU WANT"
I'm learning Photo Scape now, step by step..And pardon if my photo editing is somewhat crappy or over brightness, blooming and everything. I'm not really good and don't advise me to go to Photo shop it's complex for me and it'll test my patience.

Thanks for stopping by!!


September 11, 2012


Good Evening!
I feel much better now than yesterday. Thank you for all your lovely comments I really appreciate it!
I didn't expect to rain this evening I thought rainy days here in PH is over. It's cold in here and I'm getting purple nails if I'm not in my pedicure. 


Red Knitted Blazer (old thrifted one)  
Blue Maxi Skirt - PHP 50
Boho Slippers - PHP100 Random Shop

Lazy outfit I guess. Take Care my Lovelies!


September 10, 2012

Preppy or Vintage-y?

Hello everyone!
I felt sorry for  
my little blog 'cause I never had the time to update it for a week. But here I am again, posting a TOOTD.
Preppy-ish or Vintage-y? I'm not sure but I feel like a school girl.. =) 

my hair is always like that.. messy =)

Actually it's not my desk. Mine is fuuulll of papers..

P.S My heart is in trouble right now.. mixed emotions that leads me to tears etc etc.. I hope tommorrow will be better
Stay posted my lovelies! Take care and have a great week!!!


September 03, 2012

Oh Dadee! Taking Back Lonesomeness

It's so lonesome yes, because my love can't fetch me today for a personal and family related reasons. For 5 years, we've been together almost every day. I go to my daily work, and before a day ends, He always finds his time to get with me. Yeah, we're always like that, maybe for some people it's kind suffocating for lovers that they're always together and can't even find time for themselves. But the time that we spent with each other is what makes us happy and contented.....  OMG! He's here!!!  (I'm still here too at my desk..hehe)
I'm taking my drama back!!! :DDDD I love you Michael...♥ I even ate spaghetti alone for my early dinner after office today because I never had a clue he's coming...arrgggh.!!! LOL!!!

I include my picture taken from a couple of months ago..
By the way "Dadee" is him...

September 02, 2012

MARKUS LOUVER and brazo de mercedes cake

Today, I attended the baptism of my friends' first born baby.. MARKUS LOUVER. Of course I'm one of his God Mother. Just sharing with you some pictures and the rest of our day..

I'm weird sometimes because' whenever I want to put make-up on, it's always nearing the end of the day.

Sister candid. Sorry for the gross feet above us, kasi nman, were sitting on  stairs


I'm not angry or something, it's just natural for me to do that eyebrows means I'm on my normal state.

Before we decide to go home, we were tripping out to eat some cake at Goldilocks.. :D
Tata for Now!


Vintage Blouse 
Black Jeggings
Grandma Purse
Black patent pumps (proudly Philippine made)