September 28, 2015


Long Cardigan: Forever21 | Fringe top: Thrift | Short: Thailand | Wedge: Primadonna | Eyewear: Classiqueapparel | Raw Amethyst pendant: DIY

As I am writing this post, it's raining hard outside... It's weird that my outfit post is festival/summer outfit whilst it's wet season here in Ph.  This shot is from the first of August finally here it is...  I don't know what had happened next, all I know is like some hinge on my gears are falling off that's why I don't have the inspiration to post or write a blog post.   I don't want to force my self to write blandly about something because I'm not inspired... Just keeping this short leaving you a last summer outfit that I have.  Thank you loves for all the support.

Love lots,