September 30, 2013


My partnership request to has been approved. You can see the picture below that I was on their partners page and I am so thrilled and happy because this is the second time that I was invited by a website to make partnership with after I have this feeling that my blog is starting to achieve something ( well sort of anticipating ). This is good for me because I won't have to think about leaving my blog floating, because sometimes negative ideas are crawling in my mind that I nearly give-up blogging. 

The following images below are the little photo shoot done last Saturday, when my Chibyusa had her 3rd vaccine shot. Rainy Days and Daisies, a mustard ensemble that I top with another d.i.y flower crown with fake roses and daisies. This is the first time that I use this kimono inspired outerwear, off-brand but I am proud to say that this is made by the local people in our province, and the big deal is I bought this item for just PHP 60, just a dollar right? 

Thriftier's Outfit:

Flower Crown - d.i.y
white flower earrings - Girl Shoppe
leaf charmed long necklace - Girl Shoppe
casio vintage retro watch - Authentic Watches
mustard yellow corset - Rachel's
silk shorts - chinese brand (thrifted)

Have a meaningful week!
pet loving,

September 28, 2013


Before I go to work today, I brought Chibyusa my little lady dog to a veterinary clinic for her 3rd vaccine, and I was terribly worried when I saw some blood on her back. But they say it's normal because she's moving  under procedure. I don't have any ideas right now that is running through my mind except  I wanted to take photos outside because the sun shines beautifully.


Floral Headpiece - D.i.y
Danggling Earrings - Vente
 Casio Vintage Retro - Watches Authentic
Brown Inner Top - No Boundaries (Thrift)
Knitted Poncho -Es  Seme (Thrift)
Crissa Jeans - Sm Dept. Stores
Suede Buckled Boots - Boots Xhop (thrift online store)

"The most confused we ever get
is when we try to convince our heads of everything our heart 's know is alie"
- Karen Mong"

My outfit here is worn yesterday and to have a sensible post I search for a pinterest quote to live by. I hope this will inspire your day!
Happy Weekend!


September 26, 2013


Helloooo therrreee.. Well, I am still alive. I am saying this because It’s been a month that I haven’t posted anything in this little space of mine. There’s so many hindrances that’s keeping me from posting anything. I have so much ideas and outfit post that is 2-3 months old on my hardrive but they’re still a draft waiting for me to click upload and publish. Call me princess procrastination, I deserve it! 

Mustard Peplum Blouse - Thrift
Blue Leggungs - Offbrand
Oxford Shoes (thrift) - Lucky Clover

This TOOTD took after our lunch today on a food chain on “Palm Square”. My newly discover a place near our office building. And because this is unplanned, this is shot by my old phone camera and so sorry for the poor image quality.

Thanks for the visit!
 Wish you all safe,