October 29, 2014


 Chiffon Kimono: Jewels, Local Store 
Thrift High Waist Short : Uniqlo
Chunky Hologram Sandals: @stylehood on Instagram

 Happy Wednesday guys! I'm feeling good today, I feel very productive lately, although I am always getting home late and tired, my mind is full of creative ideas for my blog and for my life now. And because of that I'm grooving' the colorful ambience that I feel inside of me. I came up with that flirt title ha-ha. I don't have a purpose to blog this outfit that wore last Saturday, but I realized this is a fun outfit too, why not document it for future purposes and for my log-book too, It's quite a perfect addition to my outfit collections. I'm too stoked on chunky heels right now, they've been circulating for a while now, for the first time I fellin love with such on trends, unlike the past shoe trends like wedge sneakers for example. These hologram babies, one that I wear here came from what I earn on my few cooperation on several websites that contacted me I know my blog is still underrated and just like a grain of sand, among hundreds of good blog reads, but something encouraging is gaining few pennies on something that you know you work hard for is very worth the good feeling. I know some of you understand me on this matter of being a blogger. I know I am a pro-thriftier, but buying new things that you love doesn't hurt sometimes.
I Hope I inspire you with the color flirting outfit today. 


October 28, 2014


This is a sponsored post, but I really, really fancy what I will show you today. I have discovered another, yet wonderful website full of different types of dresses. Dresses for all occasions. Although it’s really hard to find dress suits on our different tastes, we are woman, yes, we love girly things, but we are all different individual and we have distinctive preferences when it comes to dresses. Here, I want to seize the opportunity to talk about Avivadress.com. Aviva Dress is a UK based website that provides a wide array of dresses.

Perfect timing for the autumn, I choose this pleasant fall colors for a bridesmaid dresses. Deep green, purples, and pink, looking dreamy in floor length all soft chiffon material. Maid of honors stance gracefully without the effort walking on the aisle before the bride.

Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re on a hunt for evening dresses, or cocktail dresses you will find it also on their site. Gain compliments with the endearing, sexy evening dresses, with intricate designs and gloriously beautiful dress as a whole. Receive plenty compliments with this evening frock.

Evening Dresses

Lastly, this Prom Dresses just perfectly great for the young ladies on their prom. Fancy soft tulle accentuated with rhinestone beads and lace. You can choose from, all varieties, sleeveless, tube dresses, and all the colors that you can prefer. Short Prom Dresses or Long Prom Dresses you bet, they all have it. All can be perfect for your promenade.

Prom Dresses

 I hope you enjoy this post for today, and I hope that you'll find your perfect dress on Aviva Dress. I too, love their products. Do visit their website http://www.avivadress.co.uk and enjoy the on going sale up to 85% off plus free shipping on orders £200. Latest Styles, Voguest Colors, Lowest prices. That's Aviva Dress!


October 27, 2014


Red Striped Longsleeves & Leathery skirt: Local Boutique || Beret: Gift || Platform Boots : Asianvogue || Fleece Neck Warmer : Thrift

I miss posting my Vintage Mondays. So today I am posting my Parisian inspired vintage outfit. I know French don’t literally wear red stripes clothing and the beret, but once we have seen combination like this, its signature Paris style. I just inject a little edginess by wearing my platform booties. What I wore, the skirt is bought on local boutiques around town and I really try hard to search an item to pair it. It seems like a leather, but it isn't, it just has an element that makes it leather like, it’s a good thing because wearing true leather can be complicated especially in the type of weather here in PH. We can’t really predict our weather here. In the morning, it’s searing hot and then late in the afternoon it will start to rain drastically. made plans about this outfit a long time ago, but I never seize wearing them until now, I’m delighted because it has a 90’s vibe too, that can match my vintage Monday post.

Have a great and productive week!


October 24, 2014


Halloween is right at the nook, but the Christmas breeze is in the air. I can imagine how Christmas rush looks like on every street in the city. I am wondering how people are thinking about what to write on their Christmas shopping list. I've been nostalgic lately about the past Christmases that I have experienced and my favorite part? Shpping! of course! But nowadays, it's hard to go on Christmas shopping spree, there you encounter, heavy traffics going to the mall, items that you love is out of stock already, and oh the Christmas gift items are overrated and I think you know what I am talking about.

Let me introduce to you to Beddinginn.com. Beddinginn isn't your typical shopping website. They are catering about hundreds of products with the necessities of your home, from curtains, baths, living room, and oh bedroom! The bedroom is quite my favorite place at home. I'm gonna to talk about their 2014 Christmas SalesWhy not gift giving this year a nice and comfy bedding? Bed covers are quite unique for a Christmas gift, and the person that will receive such gifts are going to remember you everyday whenever they will sleep and wake up in the morning. Such sweet gesture huh!… Beddinginn is famous on their 3d design bedding covers and has a Christmas floral bedding sale, so unique designs that you’ll never know if you're still dreaming or wake in a dream come true bed. 

And also they have Christmas discount on animal print bedding, so if you love kind, adventurous and animals you’re going to love their animal designs. Their sale is still ongoing they have hundreds of items to choose from. Go ahead on Beddinginn.com now and start your early Christmas shopping with big deals and savings! 

If you're into different christmas bed covers design here's my sample pick for you below. I provide quick links om their numbers respectively.

Click here for more reads, info and products that has crazy discounts 2014 Christmas Sales 3D Bedding DealsI hope you'll find your perfect bed covers and comfiest bed covers that you'll ever love on Beddinginn.com, it may be as a gift giving or a perfect gift for yourself this coming Christmas.


October 18, 2014


 This pose is obviously looking that I am Ill, i even look awkward.

Orange Blazer : Forever 21 || Paisley Tank: Old || Heels: Payless 

A symptom of fever and tonsillitis has kept me unproductive for days. I keep myself up for work until high fever struck me in the middle of noon this last Friday. 

Oh well, before I get absent in the office I did have a little outfit shoot anticipating to write about it and hope to publish it the next day.  Here's another brave take and I am really not sure about a color block that I got here. I know these 2 fall colors, they’re not so flattering with each other and I should let them stand out on their own but I did it! I did make them clash in one outfit and if someones fashion guru or a reader of mine gonna criticize it I'm all hands up! But yeah, Maroon and orange, I got them. 

I am very sickly these last quarter I want to work out more, I lack exercise. I refrain myself to physical activities because of my office work and I then I eat more when I got home very tired. Very unhealthy lifestyle. Hope you’re doing all today, these fall season can’t wait to be in my tip top shape again. ;) 

love lots,


October 09, 2014


Hi all! 
It feels like forever since I make a blog post, and I really, really miss my baby (baby blog) so much! I feel like a neglectful mother, doing the endless chores outside the virtual world. September has gonereally, really crazy for me. As in the mind blowing' circumstances and mixed emotions that stressed me out. And finally I am here again hoping things will get back to its normal routes.

For my first outfit post this October, I choose to wear this fall palette plaid dress from Vanita Sorella, my fave 2nd hand online shop. I thought I am going to to change a little of my style when in comes to dressing up everyday, but I still carry the vintage vibe even though all things aren't vintage. I remember myself saying that I really don't have an "original style" or what so ever category my style will fall. But since whenever I'm out of my keen sense like dressing like this one day, and dressing like that on another, I ended up vintage-y whenever I am lacking of ideas on what to wear except for the lazy/hectic days that shirt and jeans is the key for me to survive a day in and out of the office. I don't want to label myself in one style only! Well, I think my comfort zone is the vintage look.
And the hair, oh my it's been a long 6 months that I refresh my hair and offThe 3 boxes of copper shade that I bought isn't enough. Oh my, I wanted to getback to whole red hair again, but I ended ombre'-in it again. Hay. I am planning to color again, my hair after a month to achieve what I want. Enough of my rants... I just love how my dark purple lippies from Revloncompliments with my red hair. I think they're just perfect together with these green and brown plaid dress. What d'you think?

My patient photog boyfriend.  ^..^
Thanks for stopping by my loves and for the patience in waiting for my latest post. *wink*

Love love,