June 30, 2015


Summer has already ended here in PH and actually it’s getting rained here alongside with thunder and lightning, geez! Need to comfort the scared babies inside the house.  But my summer loving soul is still yearning for more summer occasions, "happy-nings" and all things that can be done under the summer sun.  However summer will just about to start in America or has it started already? oh and as well on other parts of the world, summer for me is just a state of mind that is why forever summer is true right? 

I’ve done a lot of activities during on my recent summer days, but I do not post them online, not a vacation, maybe a staycation.  I fail to fully indulge myself in summer dressing up.  If summer 2015 will rewind backed I’ll make sure my fashion ideas and inspiration won’t be disregard again.  That is why when Dresslink.com contacts me to do a write up for them, I've made a wish list of Summer Wardrobes.  Clothing that can be trendy and well geared up our individual fashion sense. I’m torn between boho vibe and basic styles so let me show you my personal favorites and wish lists below. 

 Floral Lace Crochet Two piece dress

 What I like about this lace dress is that they can be delicate and feminine but once you add any metal base jewel, it can be something edgy without loosing it's class.

  Long Sleeve Lapel Plaid Sexy Dress

I pick this plaid casual dress because, I can wear it at the office with a corporate blazer on or wear it alone strolling on the city or eat ice cream at the park on a sunny afternoon.

This white romper is amazing itself, with or without jewelry it looks fabulous on any girl who will wear it. 

Tops And Irregular Hem Package Hip Skirt 2PCS Dress Set

Have you notice that Assymetrical cuts are trendy this season? Though hip hugging skirts and dresses won't compliment my shape that much, I still want to try it.

Sleeveless O-neck Latter Print Backless Straps Crop Tops

I think this top is very cute! I've seen one like this on lookbook.nu but I'm not sure if it's from dresslink, so now I know their website has this, I'm thinking about on buying these later. ;P

Basic Top but has a Swag girly arrive, I'm not a swagger though but sometimes it's not bad dressing like one, even just for a day you think?

I'm not always on the beach but this  kind of swimwear is what I like if ever I have a chance to swim again at boracay beach! 


Boho Style Ethnic Bracelet Wide Metal Wrist Chain


Now for a beach jewelries that adds interest on our summer outfits, I pick these three because is very boho.

I found so much reliability on the web store base for visiting their site and individually inspecting their trendy pieces and their absolute wide array of styles.  Their prices seemingly unbeatable and the lowest price range so far. If you’re on a hunt for a trendy style for your activities these coming Summer season, especially on other parts of the world, as well as the summer loving gals here in the Philippines. Won’t you go ahead and try Dresslink that's what I'm gonna do too even summer bids goodbye here in PH *sob*

I hope you like my Summer Wishlist!


June 25, 2015



Outerwear: thrift || Shorts: Uniqlo ||Envelop Clutch : Bench || Necklace : Claire's
Lipstick : Las Splash Cosmetics

Hello everyone! At first, I was hesitant if I will blog this or not mainly because we only took this picture with a smartpone's camera, I am worried to have a low quality pictures to offer.  I try to edit some of the images via Photoscape, and somehow gives decency for the blog to post.  This is the time when me and Michael visited my grandparents where they lay.  It's my Grandma's birth month so, I pay her and Grandpa a visit.  

We went there in a midst of humid noon, and it was scorching hot, I was just so mindful of the weather and the picking of clothes just right, but then I got my skin tanned, hehe.  Have you noticed my lips? haha I bet you do, it's Vindictive shade of Lasplash cosmetics, I bought It from @ThebeautyjunkiePh at Instagram.  Still the bohemian vibe on this thrift cotton materialized outerwear, a walking shorts paired with a Weekender sandals.  I also got to wear my mood pendant that bought from Claire's, and this cute chips envelope from Bench. And by the way we celebrate the mark of our 95th months that why we're cheesy on this post. Sorry for cheesy haters... just don't mind us at all! Thank you everyone who are still keeping in touch with me and the rest that is always visiting my blog. Cheers to us all!


June 17, 2015


Shirt: Thrift || Short: 2nd hand || Silver Coin Necklace: || Flower crown : Diy

Hello Guys!  You know what, even I don't update my blog that much, my 365 happy days project is very late and all the social media platform that I use to connect to my blog is outdated too, but I was still feeling calm and contented with the way how my life is running these days.  This summertime, I never get a chance to feel the warm sun on the beach or got the spa benefit of the beach sand, I'll still appease without them.  I got to do my regular work even it means I have to work 10 hours a day.  Even psychologically I feel that my ear will have an impairment any time because of the sound of my annoying printer, with that "unlimited print" of documents task, I still have the peaceful noise inside me.  Added With some tantrums of my Papi every morning, I still need to have the aura of serenity.  Maybe because I choose what to feel and not what to feel every day.   It's hard to avoid stress and the factors of stressful people around you and burdensome situations that we cannot eschew.  But it depends upon us on how to handle those negative things right? If you let negativity in, you will be knocked outed by it., so you lose your self.  You are downbeat all day, for the week and so on if you let disapproving state of conditions.  Occasionally I believe it was all in the mind huh! technically I do know how to write serious talks like this, I just kinda feel it and just want to share. 

About the outfit, this fringe shirt is kinda old I bought it at thrift store few years back,  but I can't find a way to throw it because of it's indie vibe.  To add a little toughness, I paired it with my DM's, the silver statement necklace that I think I shouldn't wear, but I still did and to finish it all I wore my diy flower crown. I came up with this outfit in a jiffy and so my hair that needs a lot of toning.  So How do I look guys? Have a blessed midweek!

Thank's for the visit!


June 05, 2015


Hello Guys! How are you? Hope you're still doing great, how am I? Super busy, but I'm perfectly fine. Fine loads of paper works, late night home arrivals and busy, achieving the pastel hair I want.  I talk sh*t about my last post because I said about I'm pasteling my hair before May ends, but out of thick hair issues and positive damage that my hair will have, I decided to do the bleaching process slowly because I won't let my hair suffer the breakage and crispy fried hair (that I already have) if I do it in one sitting.  I just want to share with you how I look now for the first time that I bleached my roots and how the blonde level slowly changes.  Now I'm on my level 10 I think. The first image is when I first bleach my hair last May 16, and done it after 4 days and a week and so on.  Now I'm in the process of extensive hair treatments, which all diy's. 

If your'e wanting to have a pastel hair like me, or just wanted to bleach your hair, I highly recommend to research first, research research research. Google and YouTube will help you a lot.  Don't do the bleaching process in one sitting, your crowning  glory is at stake. Or might as well, if you can afford to seek hair professionals. 

Thanks a lot guys, talk to you soon! I MISS you all!