March 18, 2013


Christmas Party dinner last December 11,  2012
Thrifted H&M Blazer
Floral Dress, Local Brand
Yellow Pointy Heels, Korean Brand

I'm giving a tribute to my many outfit post procrastination. Here you will see quiet loads of TOOTD photos that we took time to take but unfortunately neglected and somehow left forgotten on my hard drive.

Another TOOTD when me and my beau watch a movie.
Mom's Bag - Versace
Beaded Bangle - Random flea market

Off to HBC for a facial treatment appointment.  January 05, 2013
I'm wearing the same floral dress from the first pic.

January 16, 2013
Thrifted Outfit, Top and Skirt

After work. January 19 2013
Thrift "Are You Hungry" shirt"
Blue dress underneath, Local Brand

January 29, 2013. Papito's birthday celebration. We went Malling and food tripping

 You will might notice the transition of my semi-permanent red hair fades as weeks gone by (and my size too!).  I'm afraid I can't post Thrifted Outfit of the Day for the following weeks since my work load became triple and I will be busy as the bees. But definitely sneak around on my FB and Instagram. Follow me on Instagram and I'll do the same.;)

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March 14, 2013


Scarf oversized blouse: Thrift, Blue Leggings: Offbrand, Casio vintage/retro Watch: Watches Authentic

"Learn to live one day at a time. Get out of the past and leave the future alone. Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Enjoy today. It is the only time you have."

- From the book "I don't want to Feel This Way by William B. Girao

This line from the book move me so much. I always worry, as in worrying a lot. I have not finished the book yet, but I guess sharing this will inspire most of us.

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March 04, 2013

My Daring Street Style

This was my last TOOTD with my red hair. I say "daring" because It's the first time I wore a colored tights while walking in the conservative streets of Antipolo. 

Sometimes we have to dare ourselves to know what our potential and capable of doing things, but it should be something good worthy and improving. 


Brown Biker Jacket - Thrift P3oo
Rock Top - Thrift P50
Denim Short
Red Tights - Leg Love by City Lady, Sm Dept. Stores
Black Sneakers - Converse


March 02, 2013


it's a guilty pleasure that stains of depression from yesterdays whining slowly fades away with the weird help of florals in my outfit and wardrobes.  Guilty pleasure because in my younger years I'm not the type of a girl that loves floral print on shirts, notebooks, even the pink patterned hankies.. i don't know why, back then I perceive clothes with super feminine style makes me soft and vulnerable. I wanted then the dark colored clothes making me tough and not just a girly girl.

Today I'm wearing white semi-sheer long sleeves that I found on a new thrift store around town that is selling their goods on all P50. You're reading it right, P50 all items. isn't it a super duper fair deal? denim shorts that i distressed a few months ago and this cute floral oxfords that a must staple on every girly girl's wardrobe for summer. Obvious facial flaws can be seen, because...I'm lazy to wear a make-up. (blame it to my horones? )


White Long Sleeves - Thrift, P50
Distressed Denim Shorts - Offbrand
Floral Oxfords - Vanita Sorella
Panther Necklace - Random
Brass Bangle - Etsy

Really are when we're getting old things changes including taste on wardrobes etc. And it's weird also that whenever I'm expecting so many paper works in my job these season, it's a lot like I have the energy to blog a lot. It's a nice weird thing.. Hmmpp ;)

Special thanks to Vanita Sorella for selling me this oxfords, it's a blessing in disguise and I will never know why, the floral print is  like a therapy.


March 01, 2013


puffy eyes. T.T

As I've wanted to post only positive things here in my little space, the more I hide my feelings the more I feel like I'm in the middle of two walls slowly crushing me inside. It was like I'm being forced to do things that my heart's not in it.

 I have gone through so many painful experiences in my life before, but at this point, I'm feeling I have no sense at all. I see things differently. There are so many factors that make me the way I am but I don't want to mention the details.
I see simple things too complicated and at a very rare case of my life's chapter, now I can't see happiness on things that making me happy before...I apologize that I can't explain or express myself very well. I know there are so many people that going through very big problems, struggling for their lives much worse than mine. I just wanted to breathe this kind choking piece like of thing and spit it out from here in my chest.

 I'm grateful that there is a sweet person cares about even though we're far apart, it was like we are behind each others monitor. That is YOU.

a qoute from Ate Donna of A Not So Secret Life

I'm telling to myself that I can do this, and I can make through with this, that everything will be alright.. Yes everything will be alright. As for now I don't want to think of anything and everything, I just wanted to SOAr to BREAK FrEE..