February 28, 2013


I really tend to smile a lot in pictures, I don't know why.. Maybe because my photog is one of my favorite people in the world. Even when I get irritated and problems in front of my face he always makes me grin and smile all the way. Oh, my messy hair, I guess it's really me, I mean a natural style and uhmp. If my hair is neat well I think I'm sick.

I miss my red hair now. It's been 2 months since I let the semi-permanent dye to fade, my hair really needs a rest, but I'm really bored on how it looks right now and (the regrowth's gosh!) 
I hope you're doing well and happy. TTFN!

Outfit Rundown

Gray Top - Local Mall Stalls
Red Cardigan - Thrifted (last seen here)
Yellow Bandage skirt - Random
Red Pumps - MNJ korean brand of shoes


February 26, 2013


being playful with the skirt tucked behind my back..

This body con dress reminds me of a red tomato ketchup for McDonald's fries. Anyway I'm looking tired in these photos.

In my TOOTD I'm wearing my black maxi skirt (thrifted of course!), Orange bodycon dress from Vanita Sorella, my leo pumps meant only for taking pictures, a Firebird ring from Girl Shoppe and my little Dumbo necklace.

I guess I'm in need to post lots of throwback pictures from the last month. And feel free to suggest/comment on my post it would be nicer if we can follow each other. Just let me know.. ;)