September 16, 2014

My Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets Wishlist from Tidebuy

Hello there! 
I've been joining and asking to be a bridesmaid for I think 5 times in my life and I'm considering myself as a "bridesmaid forever". Being bridesmaid on my cousins, on my best friends, my mom's friend's daughters. I've been selected too as a bridesmaid even i don't seem close or related to the bride. Etc. Etc. So in a near future, if ever I will be a real Groom's "Bride" I am picturing my bridesmaids wearing these few tidebuy cheap wedding jewelries 

Here's my wishlist on for my bridesmaids jewelry sets

Because I wanted to have a colorful wedding in mind, I'm thinking about pastel/summery colors for my bridesmaids. Yellow, pink, orange and lavenders with intricate designs.
My second choices for the jewelries sets is these dramatic necklaces and earrings full of beautiful rhinestones in blue or in fiery red. Real dramatic arrive if a bridemaids will wear this.

Lastly these colorful set with tiara that any color of bridesmaid dresses will look perfect with this.

If you're planning to have your wedding to you might want to have a visit on For the quick links on these beautiful Jewelry sets are having their ongoing sale too up to 'is 80% off so it's cheap already, but they're generous that is why they are giving another 10% off on any order that will run until September 17, 2014. Why not grab the chance on their sale?
I hope you enjoy my tidebuy cheap wedding jewelries picks darlings.

Love lots,

September 02, 2014


Hello sweets!
A whole lot of talking is made up of today's post!
Cassie Thriftier became online 2 years ago and all I've ever wanted was to share my thriftstyle outfits, inspire and be inspired by other bloggers who has different taste on dressing up particularly thrift fashion. I came to a wonder, why I have never ever got to try reviewing a product that I am using? Well, my answer is: because I am not a beauty blogger. Yes, I used products and cosmetics like everyone else, when I'm using a certain item I just use 'em, if I don't like 'em I dumped them or gave them away. Writing an opinion about a certain products doubted me a lot. I'm kinda hesitant like in a way my readers won't understand much my words and adjectives I might be using in order to bring my true opinion or feedback, the not-so-good english that exercise and I am also holding on a dogma that, "I don't buy something to have a topic on my blog" , instead I blog what I have and being happy with it . I don't bash blogger's that post on what is their new  purchase, please don't get my words negatively. It just happens that buying products to blog about is not practical for my thrift pragmatic lifestyle so I always leave the "reviewing" on other bloggers particularly for beauty / lifestyle bloggers. Well anyways, those doubtful thoughts somehow changed, even just a trial though, I will still test the waters on reviewing products.  And I wanted to challenge myself on reviewing and getting my opinion on my latest purchase that is worth using. I suppose I won't be able to review products that are just a waste of time and money.

I want to share this lipstick review because I am in the tout to tell you about it. I am yearning for the lipstick Heroine, no, not the Heroine per se, but the limited edition MAC Lorde Lipstick in Pure Heroine . I find the dark plum shade quite intriguing and I really wanted to try it myself, but it's too pricey for me, online stores here in Ph. price it at least Ph950, it's equivalent to $21.69. 

Lorde's pictures are all borrowed from google images

So proceeding to my love plum plump
instead of buying the pricey Heroine, I opted on Revlon lippies. I got this Revlon's Colorburst Matte Balm in "Shameles Desinvlote". Bought it at Watsons for about Php575 ($13.13). At first I thought it's just a matte lipstick, but it's a mix of tinted lip balm and a matte lippies, I was hesitant at first on buying this, how does it felt like and look like wearing it. But when I try the tester, without thinking twice, I bought it.

I made the swatches to, 1 coat, 2nd coat and 3rd coat. It's very pigmented, especially when worn on the lips. Though it's said that this is matte, don't expect that this is long lasting. It appears on the lips as matt-ey but it's generally a lip balm and can wipe off easily with a right amount of pressure. Has a eucalyptus scent and my lips felt the minty flavor that last for a few minutes and it's tasteless. If you swipe it 4 or more coats you an actually dark plum shade. Though my pictures only show 2 coats on my lips. Because of the inevitable color of the monitor, it is one shade darker than what it's look like on the pictures shown.

Here's what it looks like on my lips. Ha-ha, chubby face! And the super thick eyebrows!

I am trying also the headband technique curls, and this is what the result looks like after an hour. I was taking pictures on the most secluded place at the office that's why back ground is quite unpleasant. ;)
Without Flash but I am in front of a flourescent lamp
With Flash
Like I've said, this is a lip balm that is why it's kinda soft and very glide-y. I think I can consume this for only 1-3 months if used every day.

-It has a minty flavor
-the lipstick case and cap is sturdy
-the lipstick bullet is quite unique because of the crayon like tip.
-easy to glide
-Pricey for a lip balm
-very drying and not enough moisture benefits

All in all I find this Colorburst line is quite good because they formulate matte lipstick and a lip balm. But If you're after advantage of a lip stain moisturizer per se, it's a thin line between the quantity and quality. If you want a matte lipstick you might want to try another brand. If you're a one frugal cosmetic user like me, this is acceptable enough for its price and quite nearly good quality. It's drying in a long run though and It's nice to experience this lippies but i think I'll be trying another product than to buy this again. Even the shade that I am looking for isn't a lot like Mac's "pure heroine" it's still a scene steal-er and fine Aubergine shade color. I must say this lippie's shade is quite perfect for whom that doesn't have a fainted heart, I can wear this in the office, at sunny days, rainy/gloomy days. Just in time that Autumn is nearly coming I want to challenge myself and see If I can create fall palette outfits with the contrast of a plum and dark orchid lips. What do you think of that combination?  ;) 
I'm up and about to save more dime for the Pure Heroine! (finger's crossed!)

So what do you think of my first review? If you have criticism and suggestions about my first product review  please let me know...

Plum Kisses!