August 25, 2014


Second Hand Oversized Kimono : Vanita Sorella || Plaid inner top : Thrift || Distressed Shorts : Vintage Wrangler; Thrift || Chunky Wedge Heels : Primadonna 

I’ll take a breather on Vintage Monday Post because today is holiday, even I still got work and a lot a whole bunch to do, personnel is all laid back and enjoying the National Heroes Day of the Philippines. Just a few papers work without the rush. And I’m not feeling vintage-y, so I’m just posting my laid back get up last Aug. 16 when me and my beau visit someone who is really dear to us in the cemetery.

 While we’re doing nothing on the cemetery and just waiting and watching the candles melt little by little there’s an astray cat looms around us and when I call him “miing” with the “swish, swish” sound, he joined us and stay for a while and he makes adorable action while we, human petting him… So sweet, and I just thought it might be the soul of our dearest making a connection with us…

As for my outfit, I tried once again the print on print ensemble, and I don't know what is exactly missing but I am sure there is. I want to dress laid back on that day, but I think I am still too dressy. What d'you think? Thank you for stopping by, I can't promise that I can visit back your blog immediately because, I have so many obligations, these coming weeks, but please leave your blog links so that I can visit your blog and follow back if in case you'd invited me and If I'll have a spare time to take peek on the web world. ;)



August 22, 2014

Hyped in Stripe || Thrift Attitude

 I got this crop top for only Php90 brand new, and this pencil skirt Php90 also, originally it's buy one take one for Php180. also brand new... :) :) ;)

Necklace from Amanda's Place

Hi Girls! TGIF! 
Oh no don't be alarmed it's still me!!! The thriftier you know with a loving heart for thrift and equip with anything girly and vintage. If ever you're wondering why my outfit is like this, I am just challenging myself into different styles. Even I'm always in different character with my outfit, I'm always on my comfort zone staples, like a blazer, and skirts with it's knee length, it can be shorter but I chose to wear it with a long sleeve so that the skin exposure is balance. But I have never worn a piece of clothing with my tummy exposing, while this crop top is not too short, I feel like I've gotten out of my conscious side. I realized too that I never have a signature style except for my oh so dry, red copper hair which I used as my personal accessory, I just go with what my fashion instinct (instinct....indeed?) tells me.

Thrifty as I can be, all clothing worn here is Off-brand local people made it and I bought from a Local boutique, and that Killer pumps are proudly made here in the Philippines, you bet it's from Marikina shoe makers. 
One thing will ever remain certain, it's my thriftier attitude... It's in me streaming through my veins, and I can never eject it from my system. I love being one, if they call me cheap, so be it! I'll take it literallyI don't promote it though, I just love sharing it. Thrifting is my fervor enough said. <3 I Heart all of you thrift loving people/readers!


August 18, 2014


Polka Dot Shirt : Local Store || Vintage Floral Skirt : Thrift || Heels : Parisian by Sm Department Store

How's your weekend has been ? Mine is quite laid back but full of laundry . Today's post is all about this vintage skirt that I bought several months back, I have it altered because it's length is not complimenting my petite height so I ask a friend to alter it. 
There was a time that I got tired of using this floral skirt, but I am so glad because I haven't put it on my "to-be-dispose" bag yet. I am able to post this and make a wonderful match-matchy print on print outfit. To match this girly skirt, I decide to pair it with these cream colored chunky heeled pumps from Parisian Sm Dept. Store. I actually remember colorful outfits from Carrie Diaries when I was trying this out in front of my mirror. I also make my hair a little wavy by braiding it for a couple of hours ;)

Thanks for your visit, Bye for now!

August 14, 2014


Korean Brand Floral Blouse || Acid Wash Skinny Jeans: Crissa || Kambridge Patent Heels: Payless Shoesource

Hi all! 

Today's outfit post is quite colorful with fractions of floral and bits of rugged. This is what I wore just yesterday and  I can't catch my everyday fashion mood, in a way like last Monday is a monochrome, and now a colorful floral paired with rugged skinny jeans. I know, I am not the only blogger that has an attitude on dressing up like this, I can't help it though. Every morning I wake up, it's a different thing that I wanted to wear in my daily runway... ;)

 Hope you all have good vibes today!


August 12, 2014


Belt:girlshoppe || Cat Necklace : Etsy
All items are from a thrift store except for the belt and the cat necklace.

Purity, modesty clarity,. This is what I have in mind while I was writing this post for this outfit. I feel like a vintage “young mom”. Gentle and nurturing is what I perceive on my behavior while I was striking a pose it just so happen that a presence of a young child is missing, that I might have been playing with. Hahaha, am I dreaming to have a baby already? Or is it just, my goddaughter visited me in the office earlier that me and Michael enjoys the company of that little rascal. Anyway, speaking of having a child, I ask him if he wants to, he returned to me the question. Do you want to have now?” Aww, for my part, it’s hard to know if I really want to have a baby or not, it’s a thin line between the “I am not ready yet, financially and emotionally, and quite physically” and the thinking “yes,because I am not getting any younger anymore”.

I sound very intimate now in my life, am I getting you bored now? Hehe, sorry, It started with a cream reserved and modest outfit that I turned the subject into being a young mom and having a baby. In real life I am naturally like this, just talking about nothing that I turned a discussion into something… Oh well, thanks for your time reading my vintage Monday post. I hope you enjoy a piece of my ordinary schemes in life.


August 08, 2014


Thriftier's Outfit: Offbrand shirt | Skirt:Thrift | Vintage Inspired Chiffon Blazer :Offbrand | Necklace : Robinsons Dept. Store | Earrings : Girlshoppe

First, I want to thank the readers that have visited and commented on my last post about the new segment here in my blog, called "Vintage Monday". I hope success on this new segment, unlike the other segments that I've created before that is left forgotten. 

I'm kinda doubtful from this yesterday's outfit, post this or not? post this or not? When I saw the outcome of the pictures It seems kinda different to what I was expecting it, quite updated right? There's something lacking on the styling that I make, looking gaudy and tacky don't you think? Well, there's something missing here... Maybe I'm not use to throw my hair up, OK, I don't know, but since this blog is a blog, and I put effort on this I should post this right?

Have a great  weekend mi loves,


August 06, 2014



Hi all!
This post should have been published Monday night, but due to my "procrastination", etc. etc., delayed post again. But on the other hand, this is the most updated look that I've ever posted so far, unlike my usual publish photos from 1-2 weeks old. Hmmmp but today's thursday, aww crap! Anyway, yea I will have a new segment that I will call "Vintage Monday" showing/posting things or outfit vintage related. I've come up with this idea because I have a penchant wearing vintage clothing or items every monday, I'm not sure why but it's very enjoyable.

I think the button down blouse that I am wearing here is from 90's. It's a bit loose and big for me so i tied it in front  and fold the sleeves up but the fabric is so soft and comfy. The textile is good as new, that's why I'm inlove with it for the first time when I bought it 2years ago, hmm yea few years back and few times worn. Not so bad though. If ever you notice, I have no make up here just lipstick and only thin mascara, quite boring and only pop of color is the lips complimenting my pumps.. ;)

Thanks for stopping by mi loves,