November 28, 2012


I've been into accessories this month of November, I know this is my first time to write about my jewelries, trinket finds and blings. 
These pretty spikes do me a huge favor when I'm feeling a little punky-ish and whenever I wanted to add angst to my outfit. 

The left one is longer than the other.

I'm really sleepy when I took this picture, I just want to see how the headpiece look in my hair.

 I bought the two bracelets on the flea market around town.  I've chosen combination of these colors because they mixed fab and edginess on any simple tee or plain shirt. The headpiece and these cute spike earrings were bought in my favorite boutique - Girl Shoppe. I bought two sizes of ear piece small and medium that I can use all at the same time because I have 3 pierce on my left ear and 2 pierce on my right, all of them pierced by me.. ^,.,^

How about you? Aside from studies and workload, what are you up to this month?


November 13, 2012


I went to one of my favorite thrift store last Thursday because I want to relax a bit. And... I took home this 3 babies with me..

Low heeled brown oxford shoes, a simple white pump with gold round studs and a vintage Elle shoe that I think it comes from the 80's. 
Whenever I plan to do a shoe hoarding on thrift store, I never get the right shoe and the right fit, but this time I'm surprised because I scored 3 shoes in one visit.. ;D

A 3 week hiatus on my blog I guess... I'm happy to be back!!!
Stay pretty my loves...♥