October 23, 2015


Daisy Jumper: Bargain at Taytay | Chunky Shoes: Aliexpress | Hologram envelope: Twinkledeals.com

Hello Dearies!  Frankly, I don't know what's with me, but I notice this latest post of mine, I've been digging the outfit that is very out of the season... Even Philippines don't have 4 seasons, and we have only "wet and dry" we do experience the falling of leaves and it's quite  Autumn-ish here now.  The outfit that I got here is very fun and very right for a summer barbecue party or something. It's fun and very colorful and way out out of the fall palette.  I hope you enjoy today's outfit post and continue to visit my blog every now and then... Ps: I gain weight "again" LOL!


September 28, 2015


Long Cardigan: Forever21 | Fringe top: Thrift | Short: Thailand | Wedge: Primadonna | Eyewear: Classiqueapparel | Raw Amethyst pendant: DIY

As I am writing this post, it's raining hard outside... It's weird that my outfit post is festival/summer outfit whilst it's wet season here in Ph.  This shot is from the first of August finally here it is...  I don't know what had happened next, all I know is like some hinge on my gears are falling off that's why I don't have the inspiration to post or write a blog post.   I don't want to force my self to write blandly about something because I'm not inspired... Just keeping this short leaving you a last summer outfit that I have.  Thank you loves for all the support.

Love lots,

August 31, 2015


White button down dress : Thrift|| Shoulder Bag : Ericdress.com || White Chunky Shoes : Aliexpress

A big "HELLO" to everyone! Yay! I miss you all.  How I miss my blogging routine, blog hopping and everything. I am currently fixing everything on my plate now, a lot of personal things.  Adversaries and stuffs that taking out the inner peace in makes me drain.  August is a very tough month for me too because....  How I wish I could tell you all the details but I decide to keep it myself, don't worry I can handle things now unlike on the past whining (if you have red my post a long time ago which made me really emotional)

Centering on my main purpose on today's post is this All white outfit incorporated with this Chic black dog print shoulder bag purse which is "bad ass" because of the mad dog print sent to me by Ericdress.com  I like the weirdness it brings at the same time the shape of the purse that still making it fashionable.  And I am not troubled how the dog look, I've been bitten by my dog twice already, that's why I'm used to mad dog LOL.  If you notice I look sick only because I'm really ill, inside and out. How I wanted to convert negative energies around me in one snap.  Oh well, thanks again for always visiting my blog.  "Ber" months starts tomorrow so I will try to liven up my mood, early daydreaming for Christmas and all those childish but joyful thoughts I can imagine.  Talk to you soon, Tata for now!


July 27, 2015


                                                         2                                                       3

Today my post is about this outfit featuring items from Dresslink.com. This is also what I wore when me and Michael visit the Pinto Art Museum, and I will have another post soon some of the artwork inside the museum, I will have photo flood if I will do an outfit post at the same time.  Timing that July is my birth month as well as our Anniversary(8 years by the way)it's an anniversary date too. I hardly had time to choose a post where I can do a nice pose because the museum is quite full pack.  By the way I love love cactus the giant ones, I'm one prickly Mama.

The items that come from dresslink are: Unisex Vintage Blower Jazz Hat , the eyewear, and the black skirt.  I choose this  because it's cheap, (thrift attitude) it's one hat's that I'm looking for a long time,   The  eyewear is to dye for too, because it has been trending since last year, and I know some of you have seen it worn by other bloggers.  I even look for it on my local malls and other online store but I failed until I finally saw it on dresslink's sunglasses listings, it is the white one that I want to have but oh, it's out of stock and I chose the cream one instead.  Lastly the vintage Hepburn classic skirt that has a very pretty bubbly pleat as I describe it, although the pleats are aren't as deep as pictures I still love it.  It's very versatile, you can wear it with a crop top, basic stripe tee and glam it up with a lace heel, a pump shoes or pair it with a boots like I did here for a more edgy look. 

I'm still experimenting my style up to now, and as I am going along I never been happier with the way I style my outfits.  I hope you guys are happy in whatever you're doing, in your blog or in your personal life.  I wish I can continue to inspire you more with my thrifty style. With sponsored outfits or thrifted ones. Hopefully, I can post the photo diary of our visit to Pinto Art Museum the next, I wonder if you can anticipate that blog post. Which is your favorite outfit shot? All smiles, have a blessed week!


July 22, 2015


Top : Taytay Bargains || Lace Skirt : Thrift || Pumps: Payless Shoesource

Hello Guys! Yeah, I think it's the dawn of mermaid and unicorns... Well dawn for me because I've been planning to dye my hair pastel (pink, purple, blue etc) since last December. And maybe some of you have seen my post about bleaching my hair a month ago. Here is my first outfit nailing my purple hair.  Actually, what I really want to achieve is the very trendy "granny/silver" hair, but I want to experience the pastel purple at the same time, what I did is I pastelize the manicpanic purplehaze mix with white conditioner and apply it to my bleached white hair.  After several days the pastel purple hue will fade and eventually it will turn into grayish silver.  My purple hair fades after a week since I'm living in a tropical country, it is necessary for me to wash my hair everyday.  I can't withstand the heat overtime if I won't wash my hair.  After 2 weeks my gray hair will get brassy and turn yellowish, it's time for me to reapply purple again because, purple isn't just a color it serve as a toner also to eliminate brassy tone on bleach blond as well on silver and white hair. Before I achieved and done this pasteling on my hair, I put a lot of time and effort first on google searching diy's and how to's and not to do's on bleached hair. If you're planning to get pastel hair or at least bleached it to almost white do some research first.

About the outfit, I bought this off the shoulder top from Taytay, Rizal. I'll just insert, Taytay is a municipality in Rizal where their livelihood is mainly textile and garment industry. Would you believe that this top cost me ($1.32) P60 only? This lace skirt is in my garment few years ago and I don't have the nerve to wear it on a day because I'm not comfortable because of my kinda big butt, and the pencil skirt always pulling upwards tending to look that it's shorter while walking.

How do I look to you guys? Do you like it? My hair, how do like my purple-that-will-turn-gray eventually? Even I look "masungit" / grumpy sometimes on my looks, the real Cassie is like this below:

"I got my purple hair now" LOL!

Talk to you soon!


July 21, 2015


This sponsored post is really coming at a great time because  I was just thinking about school year have started fast here in my country, and Homecoming parties are looming too.  I think this is about time again for picking that pretty dress for that grand celebration on our alma matter from high school/college. 

First I will introduce to you several dresses that really caught my eye. These days I am really in love with pastel colors, I've said to my last post that I'm not a fan of these hues but peculiarly, my love for them is growing including for the formal, party cocktail homecoming dresses from Cocomelody
Glamour A-Line Jewel Natural Short-Mini Organza Champagne Sleeveless Zipper Party Dress with Appliques and Crystals COZM14029

Charming A-Line Sweetheart Empire Short-Mini Tulle Lavender Sleeveless Zipper Cocktail Dress with Beading and Crystals COSM14018

Sparkle A-Line High Neck Natural Short-Mini Organza Champagne Sleeveless Zipper Party Dress with Crystals COZM1402C

There are dresses that they offer with free shipping too! here they are take a look:

And if ever, you're on haunt for a dress that can be use on casual or Sunday dress they have it too.

I think, their designs and colors is very sophisticated, intricate yet not to shallow.  Being me is very hard especially dressing up with short homecoming dresses 2015 because I am a short girl, insecurities will follow eventually even I am not entertaining such ideas. I think these dresses will make girls feel comfortable and also stunningly beautiful.  Whoever who wears dresses like this on their homecoming will surely love the attention it will bring, a total head turner! 

love lots,