September 28, 2013


Before I go to work today, I brought Chibyusa my little lady dog to a veterinary clinic for her 3rd vaccine, and I was terribly worried when I saw some blood on her back. But they say it's normal because she's moving  under procedure. I don't have any ideas right now that is running through my mind except  I wanted to take photos outside because the sun shines beautifully.


Floral Headpiece - D.i.y
Danggling Earrings - Vente
 Casio Vintage Retro - Watches Authentic
Brown Inner Top - No Boundaries (Thrift)
Knitted Poncho -Es  Seme (Thrift)
Crissa Jeans - Sm Dept. Stores
Suede Buckled Boots - Boots Xhop (thrift online store)

"The most confused we ever get
is when we try to convince our heads of everything our heart 's know is alie"
- Karen Mong"

My outfit here is worn yesterday and to have a sensible post I search for a pinterest quote to live by. I hope this will inspire your day!
Happy Weekend!



  1. Love your poncho and those suede boots. Hope the pet is fine. Have a fun filled weekend.

    Naaj Rona's Lifestyle

  2. Replies
    1. Hihi.. you know the long time history of my headpiece! :)

  3. cute naman your headband on you :)

    1. Thank you Shayne <3 Try to do floral headpiece too, lakas makaganda ;)

  4. love the hippie look cassie =) and og the flower crown hahahah =)

    1. Never thought, this is Hippie look nga pala.. LOL!
      Thanks ate Donna <3


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