October 30, 2013


My problem about sparing a time on my blog is not new to those who reads my blog regularly. Moreover Halloween is just around the corner, but as this special holiday approaches, my work is doubling it’s time requirements, as if it’s we’re on “peak” time and doing a Halloween make-up or dressing up for Halloween is one of my biggest endeavor as a blogger. But the dilemma that is mentioned above is a pain..
Now I am sharing with you the make-up ideas that I really really want to try. I want you to get inspired to these images from google when I was surfing the internet last month. (Yes! Last month!)

The first one is very simple at first look, but looking at it closer, it seems that it's hard to do the lace details. The 2nd one is the simplest candy skull make-up I have ever seen so far. I have done a trial  resemble with this one but at that time I'm not yet a blogger. I have no chance to show it to you. 

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Ahh.. Corpes Bride, one of the greatest muses on the cosplay scene for me. And lastly, this romantic macabre/Gothic style Halloween make up below. I think the reason why I love this make-up and styling is because of the very messy and dry hair. Getting my hair messy is not a bother at all because whenever I woke up in the morning, my hair is like this.. ;P   

All images are from pinterest.com.  Credits are given to their rightful owners.

I'm wishing you all a wonderful and fabulous Halloween. I envy you girls because I can't dress up for this year. I am so sad. ;(

Happy Halloween!!!

Fangs for you,


  1. I like the first one. I have also a busy time now :/ Not like.

    Kisses, Meg

  2. Awesome!! That corpse bride makeup is rad as!!!n


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