April 16, 2014


*No offense to non Christian, Non Catholic readers and non-believers. I respect you all on how you will spend this kind of holidays.*

I stumble upon this question lately. i had observed how people are spending their Holy week. Especially the cool ones that aahm, how do I say or call it..? The celebrities and popular personalities planning their vacation. Even ordinary people. As What I perceived Catholic society now and Lent believers now, the solemness that should have been before Lenten season becomes a time where to leisure time, spending money and time for a tour abroad (not unless Pilgrims abroad), swimming in a beach and any kind of luxuries that they can’t insert in their regular time. 

This is should be the time of penance, repentance of sins, have been a time where we have to strengthen our spiritual relationship to God, brace or faith. Reflect to our Lord Jesus Christ when he died in a cross to save us from our sins. Somehow we can determine and resolve our own spiritual issues, and just concentrate the Holy Week commemoration.

There are so many things to do to have meaningful Holy Week without spending too much. We can do such as watching easter movies, Visiting churches together with family and love ones. Doing pilgrims on such holy places. Etc etc. or just stay at home and do some daily devotional prayers.

Somehow we should realized the true meaning of Lenten. Teach our young ones on how we truly observe and spend Lenten spiritual discipline. I don’t write this just to critic other people lifestyle or something. Of course at the end of the day we decide I and do our own thing depends on how we take, perceived and accept things. I just write what I am seeing.  

I am no writer or professional on working critics like this. This is just a glimpse on what I am observing in the catholic society now. I hope I deliver my words as gently as i can and no feelings hurt or offense taken. I do apologize if there's a misunderstanding occur from my words. Please just let me know if there's a need to delete this.

Yours truly,



  1. This was a very well written post. I feel like you got your point across very well. Hope you were able to spend the week as you felt was right.

  2. I think maybe you should also consider that not many people are religious or believers. Observing the lenten season really is for the catholic or those people who believe. I think we shouldn't quick to judge those who choose to spend it differently. People have reasons for doing what they do. Whatever it is, we should let them be. I do not judge those who choose to observe or do penance and reflection, the same way I don't judge those who choose to go on a vacation. Respect is the key here.

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  3. I think what Cassie is trying to stress out here is that in today's generation the real essence of lenten season becomes more diversify, the fact is that gone are the days where lenten becomes a significant statement of unanimity with the purpose of Christ to constantly remind us of his sacrifices. So loosing the real essence of the Lent is really sad. I'm not Catholic either, but I am observing it like what it's suppose to be observed. although I'm not saying that people should repent and reflect only during this time. But understanding it's real meaning is what everyone should work on.

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  7. As much as i'd like to go out and enjoy the sun Cassie, I spend the holy week at home :(

    btw, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award in my blog :)))


    please do check it out if you have time,and of course, thank you for inspiring me. For a moment you brought sunshine in my life as you made me smile :))

    love lots,


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