September 16, 2014

My Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets Wishlist from Tidebuy

Hello there! 
I've been joining and asking to be a bridesmaid for I think 5 times in my life and I'm considering myself as a "bridesmaid forever". Being bridesmaid on my cousins, on my best friends, my mom's friend's daughters. I've been selected too as a bridesmaid even i don't seem close or related to the bride. Etc. Etc. So in a near future, if ever I will be a real Groom's "Bride" I am picturing my bridesmaids wearing these few tidebuy cheap wedding jewelries 

Here's my wishlist on for my bridesmaids jewelry sets

Because I wanted to have a colorful wedding in mind, I'm thinking about pastel/summery colors for my bridesmaids. Yellow, pink, orange and lavenders with intricate designs.
My second choices for the jewelries sets is these dramatic necklaces and earrings full of beautiful rhinestones in blue or in fiery red. Real dramatic arrive if a bridemaids will wear this.

Lastly these colorful set with tiara that any color of bridesmaid dresses will look perfect with this.

If you're planning to have your wedding to you might want to have a visit on For the quick links on these beautiful Jewelry sets are having their ongoing sale too up to 'is 80% off so it's cheap already, but they're generous that is why they are giving another 10% off on any order that will run until September 17, 2014. Why not grab the chance on their sale?
I hope you enjoy my tidebuy cheap wedding jewelries picks darlings.

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  1. Love the blue one, great designs ;)


  2. So beautiful !! My favorite is the blue one :)

  3. Hello from Spain: fabulous jewels. Very beautiful and elegant. Keep in touch

  4. Love this pieces, so gorgeous :)

  5. very beautiful jewelry! thank you for your post!)

  6. Nice jewelry.
    Great post

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  8. I want the Tiara hahaha nice post little sister =) thanks for the visit =) New outfit post pls. shoot me some of your opinions on how to improve my blog.

  9. Awee,Tidebuy always have them all!!!!!

    Wow!! looking so perfect dear!!!! <3

    love lots,

  10. Great collection, I love all them.
    Love lots.
    6 del dos

  11. the pieces are so beautiful
    great picks
    keep intouch

  12. nice post!
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  16. very nice pieces!

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  18. Nice selection hun!

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  20. Great picks!

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  22. They are all very beautiful !
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  23. unique jewlery!
    i love it :)


  24. WOW! Beautiful jewelry pieces I must say. It is nice to see the latest summer jewelry collection. The earrings, the bracelets and the ring all are just wonderful. I personally like that perfect platinum diamond ring displayed above. 

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  33. lovely choices Cassie.
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