December 26, 2014




Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's a bit late to greet merry Christmas especially here in the Philippines, geographically today is December 26, but I still feel Christmas and I know it shouldn't be Christmas by date only but the whole time, and whole year Christmas in our hearts. 
December 25 is mom's birthday and the whole family decided to spent it and Christmas Day in a local mall near in our area, because we spent the "noche buena" few hours before 12:00 struck until dawn. We spent the time traditionally with our relatives and my little nephews and nieces as well. I'm still so lucky even I have an injured right hand, the details story on it will be on a separate blogpost. So nothing special just a seldom time and day that we spend each others time with each other as well, doing nothing at all just chillin' on the mall. I say this mall is kinda special to us because since we were kids (me and my sister) we used to spend our family day here, even the time comes that many commercial malls that has been built around, we're kinda feel at home on to this place. By the way, the mall is called "Sta Lucia East" Grand Mall. My boyfriend is with us too, yearly he used to spend his Christmas Day on our home after he spend "noche buena" at his parents house, today is a little different to him. I was surprised because he never gave me flowers on christmas day, it's has always been Mama that he use to buy one. Well, according to him it wasn't his christmas gift yet... (hehe finger's crossed! )
There you have it, after a long time I miss blogging, it wouldn't be quite long either but my wounded right hand explains why. Merry Christmas to all guys! Let's pray for another wonderful year ahead of us. And let's pray also for the unfortunate ones that should have been merrier and happy like us but in a difficult situation now. Let's pray that our dear Lord end their suffering and  give them a  good life they deserve.



  1. Merry Xmas n happy belated birthday to ur mom!

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  2. Lovely photos! <3 Your outfit is very pretty!

  3. Awweee you are so sweet Cassie! Merry,merry Christmas to you and your whole family! Happy Birthday to your mom as well! Grabe ka birthday niya si Jesus! ang amazing naman!!!! More blessings sa inyo dear! Love your candy cane inspired outfit!!! <3 so cute!!! sorry sis tagal akong naka comment sa blog mo :( don't know why but our pc doesn't load your page directly,don't have any idea :( baka sira yung connection namin :( anyway so glad to be back here yehey!!!!!!
    More posts next year!!! <3

    love lots,

  4. Love you very festive look :) Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas Cassie and happy birthday to your mom. love the skirt =)

  6. Merry Christmas and belated happy Birthday To your mom!<3 Great Pics! Like your style!


  7. :)

    Nice pics

  8. Hey Süße :*
    Dein Post ist echt schön geschrieben !
    Ich liebe es mir deine Post immer wieder durch zulesen. Man merkt, das dir dein Blog am Herz liegt !
    Dein Blog verdient einfach viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit!
    Ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch und ein Erfolgreiches neues Jahr
    Mein Blog

  9. I love your outfit!!! You look so festive, cute and comfortable all at the same time! So awesome!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I am now following you! #378! Please follow me back!


  10. Happy Birthday to your Mom! And Merry Christmas (belated) to you Cassie! :) Love your outfit!! <3 <3

    BTW, tagged you for my recent post :D
    Excited to read your thoughts soon! ^_^

    Jong :) |

  11. Hope you had an amazing time with your family :) I'm on your blog for the first time but I will probably visit more often now, because it's so lovely. ♡ my blog ♡


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