March 18, 2015

WEEK 8 || Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days

feb 20
feb 21
feb 22
feb 23

feb 25

feb 26

How's the world of blogging? A lot of things came around, and skipping blog duties is unavoidable for the kind of heavy schedule that I have. Sometimes I visit my instagram account for just a minute and went back to what I am doing away from keyboard on from the internet.  Plus the procrastination when I am really dead tired.  Here's my happy 8th week, and I an smell that I really rot on my draft. LOL! 

51stday (Feb 20) - "Going where the wind blows". Chibi's feeling the fresh air ride going to the clinic for her follow-up check up. Good news too, because her infection has eliminated and her plates get back on itsnormal value. "Sighs' of relief from her dog mom. ;) ;) She's insanely hyper active again!

52nd day february 21 - "Dadee don't play with your food pls" I utter to Michael 'cause he mold the slice of bread into some funny face. "because I like Mickey Mouse" he chuckled.

53rd day february 22 - Don't know what eye make-up to wear, I snap a selfie early in the office. ;)

54th day february 23 - Another selfie shot but this time, selfie hair because I wanted to see how long is my hair already.

55th day february 24 - I don't know what happen on this day, but my camera phone starting to malfunction maybe because of low it's low memory.  Well idk what had really special took place on this day. *sigh*

56th day february 25 - It's a holiday but a tiring yet kinda exciting day because it's our fitting day on the bridesmaid dresses for Michael's sister's wedding on 14th of March.

57th day february 26 - I found out that Michael had a soft copy of my somewhat "doodle"of his face, and I think I draw it like year 2011 or early 2013, such a long time, and I like his actuation about keeping little nothings that I did for him.

Maybe I won't able to post outfit shots for now, I am really preoccupied with the responsibilities that I carry outside the blog world. But I won't forget to snap happy memoirs of my everyday. If you love this 365 happy  days project of mine and like to be updated you can follow me on my Instagram account @cassiethriftier it's up to date. Though I post 1-2 pictures per day unlike what I did here, I post every single photo that took place per date. Thank's for reading loves! I hope to blog more soon!

Love your,


  1. Cute pictures! Love the first one


  2. aw youre so cute and lovely :) your dog is so fluffy and adorable <3 <3 love your blog already beautiful :*

  3. Cassie, life gets busy, I only blog once per week... and I think I should try to blog at least twice, not sure where I would find the time though... maybe I can write two on the weekend and post the 2nd on Wednesday... I am thinking about it but I would have to be organized for sure xox

    Have a great and happy week, I like your Instagram pictures xox

  4. amazing photos :D

  5. ang cute2z talaga nang aso mo hahaha feeling tao talaga =)

  6. Wonderful pictures, love your cute dog. ^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

  7. Oh very cute pics sweetie
    Thanks for share

  8. Your puppy! so adorable. Hope to see more photos of him/her :)

  9. Your hair! I want it. I hope that doesn't sound creepy, haha. x


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