December 15, 2012

Fast Dash Media Accessories

This is another post about my accessories that I'm so overdose with. The baubles below are my latest purchase from my new discovered online shop in Facebook, the Fast Dash Media. Have I told you that I really like cute skulls? Especially, rings that I rarely wear. I wear them only whenever I wanted to rock!!

I bought all of them except the black ball-chain  because' I think it seems better with the skull wearing a top hat than the original gold chain.

This little cuff is for ears. Another addition to my spike accessories. ;)

skull ring w/top hat

Cute reversible skull ring, comes with black...

And the other side is white


I forgot to include, they're very affordable I just spend PHP 510 
($12.50) including shipping fee. It's a good deal right? 

So there you have it! This is late for Halloween but I need to post this 'cause It's getting rotten in my draft.  In my next entry about jewels/accessories I will try to post about my stuffs from Etsy. =)



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