December 04, 2012


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I am very happy to announce that Jennifer Villamor of Cheeky Petite tag me this wonderful nomination of Liebster Blog Award.  I'm so late with this but this is my first time to have an award so I don't want these just to pass by. Although this is kind of a chain letter (I'm a victim) I feel very proud of my little space in blogsphere and felt appreciated. It's great to know a little more about our fellow bloggers out there. 

Thank you Jennifer!

First Rule: Put 11 facts about yourself

1. I hate to see or encounter a worm. A wiggly gross worm- any kind of wiggling worm dead or alive. They give me these gruesome  feeling even I'm not touching them..They really freaks me out!

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2. I'm first born. It's quite hard because you're the first who will encounter the do's and dont's / rules from the parents. Lucky for the youngest sometimes they don't experience that.

me and my sister, taken March 2012. With our very cute Konan

3. Whenever I'm buying a shoe (in a dept. store, boutiques) it's always either out of stock or a last pair. My feet is really small, my feet is between 4 and 5 but not 4 1/2. Very peculiar.

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4. I grew up thinking that my head is too big for my body. I blame my cousin for that, because he gives me this idea. He told me that I was like a Lollipop, (he describe me as a Lollipop girl) he is so mean to me, I'm thankful now that he's not living near our place now.

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5.  I was fascinated by vampires and other Gothic related things

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6. I'm really upset when it's raining but I'm always looking for it whenever I wanted to wear my rainy day clothes.

7. My nose get's itchy whenever I'm accidentally sprinkled or sprayed with just a little water. I really don't know why, it's one of the weird facts about me.

8. Amy Lee is my favorite singer. She inspire me in everything she does and Evanescence is my favorite band. I can relate to their lyrics...It moves me. ♥

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9. I'm the only one who do my hair. Coloring, cellophane  and other treatments. Except for hair-cutting, re-bonding and permanent curl.

10. My boyfriend is 5 years older than me, but sometimes he looks younger than me. We never had a break-up in the last 5 years. Even cool-offs. Sometimes I wonder how the time will test us...We're not sure how it's gonna be if a tough times will come to us, I'm just praying that we can stand the test of time..

11. I'd rather scream to death watching a horror movie than to cry on a drama/love story flick. I hate the feeling that drama scene gives me literal pain on chest when I'm keeping myself not to cry, but I still did and feels I wanna pass out. ;( Even after the movie has ended, I'm still crying.. Hahaha!

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Second Rule: Answer 11 questions from the blogger that tagged you

1.  What are your virtues and vices?

Virtues: Emotional sensitivity, tenacious, nurturing, imaginative and  have a great sense of humor.My vices are: My emotional sensitivity leads to negative at times.  I'm moody, submissive and possesive, and nostalgic.

2. What is you favorite childhood memory?

-Stealing a fruit from our own mango tree together with my cousins.

-We used to play riding inside an empty drum (tin water basin), and my playmates would roll it from the top of a steep road, let it roll until I get dizzy.. Do you picture how I look inside the stumbling  rolling drum? Crazy kids =P

3. What would you buy first if you win the lottery?

I'll buy my parents a house and lot.

4. If you were a piece of clothing what would you be and why?

A brassiere! *grin* I have a small breast, If I were a clothing, I'm a bra.. =)

5. Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? If yes, who is your favorite character aside from Christian Grey?

No, I haven't. And I'm not into "erotic fiction" kinds of books, that's why. No offense to the fan of the novel.

6. What is something you wish you could do?

I wish I could end one's sufferings.

7. If you live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Even I'm sensitive to cold weather, i'll definitely will be a nomad somewhere in Europe.

8. Favorite movie series?

I don't have a favorite movie series and there a tons of movies that I really like. They're too many to mention.

9. How would you describe your fashion style?

My fashion style is very random. I can be a goth casual girl, vintage girl to boho girlfiend.  I love to mix vintage pieces to modern ones. I don't have a signature style.

10. Best day in your life?

Not yet coming.

11. Who would you marry, an ugly rich man or handsome poor man? :)

It's a tough question huh. Well, my goal in life is to live comfortably not to become rich. If I wanted to be rich, it would be because I work very hard not because I decided to marry a rich old man. And for this question, I've chosen a handsome poor man. If we strive and work together, we can build our dreams and make them come to life.

The third rule is to: List new sets of question for those bloggers that you will tag.

The New Questions are:

1. If you're to choose, Twilight Saga or The Vampire Diaries?

2. Unique thrifted clothes or mass produce brand new ones?

3. What line of a song inspire you?

4. Heels or sneakers?

5. Do you have a religion? 

6. What are your favorite music genre?

7. Your in a forest and you saw a bear, what will you do to the bear?

8. Do you have any embarrassing moments that still bothers you?

9. Aside from blogging, what do you usually do?

10. Do you still do the greeting card thing? X'mas cards, Birthday cards, etc..

11. What is your vocation?

My nominations for Liebster Award goes to:

No Tag Backs!!

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Comments, suggestions and advices are very welcome!



  1. Oh my goodness! congratulaitons cassie!! <3 this is so exciting for you- and I liked learning about you... the lollipop story is funny, but I bet it was very sad when you were little. 5 year- so long! Worms- I think they are fun. And your feet are so so tiny- mine are 9.5... imagine our feet next to each other- oh and my feet are SO wide, I wear Men's sneakers! So My foot next to yours would be like an elephant foot next to a chipmunk's foot. Imagine that! hehe ^_^ Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo- come visit me on my bloggie!(I have my new FB blog page now!)

    God bless,

  2. oh, Christine.. Thank you so much! I guess our feet look good together side-by-side.. ♥

  3. Hey girl, thanks for your comments on my blog! You're absolutely right :) and of course I am so honored you mentioned my blog on this post. Let me see if I can have time to answer those interesting questions and tag other bloggers. This sounds cool though :)
    'til then

    <3 greetings from Belgium

  4. Hi, thanks for the tag but I've already been tagged by this award before. I hope you don't mind that I just answer your questions here :)

    1. If you're to choose, Twilight Saga or The Vampire Diaries?
    - Twilight

    2. Unique thrifted clothes or mass produce brand new ones?
    Unique thrifted clothes.

    3. What line of a song inspire you?
    "The truth is all within yourself. Don't be a slave, a slave to someone else." - Enslaved by Motley Crue

    4. Heels or sneakers?

    5. Do you have a religion?
    Tricky question, do you mean spiritual or being a fanatic of something or someone? If it's spiritual, well, I am catholic only by papers, nuff said.

    6. What are your favorite music genre?
    Rock, alternative, classical

    7. Your in a forest and you saw a bear, what will you do to the bear?
    Nothing, I'd probably run away or hide.

    8. Do you have any embarrassing moments that still bothers you?
    Nothing. I hardly remember them now.

    9. Aside from blogging, what do you usually do?
    Watch TV series online, read, and write

    10. Do you still do the greeting card thing? X'mas cards, Birthday cards, etc..
    Not anymore although I'd love to start again.

    11. What is your vocation?
    Now that you mentioned it, I don't think I have one, well at least not yet. Maybe I should begin to search for it.

  5. Nice blog dear =) I follow u =) :*

  6. Thanks for tagging me. :) I'll take time to answer these questions. I'm also glad to know more about you. Thanks again for dropping by and keeping in touch. Stay safe. :)

  7. Hey! You have a very beautiful blog with great pictures!
    Would you like to follow eachother?



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