January 26, 2013

SILENT POST #4: Spiked Princess

I thought I lost these pictures, taken I think early December last year.  I style this TOOTD for my spike accessories. Gold spikes will add a dose of edgy elegance to all black outfit. And because I forgot my gold Platform Heels, I ended up barefoot. Ha!


  1. true =) gold always look perfect with black =) beautiful.. love the whole look =)

    1. aww, ate thank you.. you're an expert when it comes to
      styling, i'm glad you like it. Thank's a lot.

  2. throwback pics like my most recent posty too! :) heheh- I like the second pic the most. I like this skirt. Usually when I try on skirts like this, they always touch the floor in the back because of my shorty legs. haha. ^_^ Hope you are doing fantastic!

    God bless and xoxo,

  3. Thanks Christine. You have a shorty legs? What do you call mine? Legs of a midget! hahaha.. Atleast we love our flaws.. ;)


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