February 26, 2013


being playful with the skirt tucked behind my back..

This body con dress reminds me of a red tomato ketchup for McDonald's fries. Anyway I'm looking tired in these photos.

In my TOOTD I'm wearing my black maxi skirt (thrifted of course!), Orange bodycon dress from Vanita Sorella, my leo pumps meant only for taking pictures, a Firebird ring from Girl Shoppe and my little Dumbo necklace.

I guess I'm in need to post lots of throwback pictures from the last month. And feel free to suggest/comment on my post it would be nicer if we can follow each other. Just let me know.. ;)




  1. Lol when i first read your blog i really laugh with the red tomato ketchup words =) thank you Cassie. and don't forget to always believe in yourself and im\n your dreams =)

    1. Thank you po! you really did something for me today.. God bless you always ;)

  2. you are awesome!!! Can I follow u?


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