January 29, 2014

Furr Season

Don’t know what happen; maybe I was just very laid back on holidays that I never mind what to wear on New year’s Eve. Several days after New Year, just then I remember this dress that might have been great wearing to welcome 2014. Arggh.. I have this habit that even there is no merriment or festivity, I tend to dress up too much and then whenever there’s special event that was I suppose to be go swanky I ended up second rate.. oh bother! This dress should have been my outfit on new year's day.

 This very glitzy dress is what I thought I wouldn't have because when I first saw this dress I was riding in vehicle but never get the chance to step out to rush on to that boutique and the urgency to buy it. After few days, I try to go back on that store but to my surprise it’s gone. I thought it’s already bought by someone. After a month when I pass on this boutique again, the dress was like waving on me. “I am here again! I'm restock, come and buy me!!” I was so glad, that I wanted to jump off on my feet to see that dress again. 

Faux Fur - Thrift from a Japan Surplus
Faux fur Blazer - Random Thrift Store
Glitzy Dress - Local Boutique
Brown Oxfords - Thrift

I decided to name this "Furr Season" because it's in the season.. We all feeling dreadful about the cold weather and even it isn't drop down like on other country, we're not used on this kind of weather because we're on a tropical country. I am sensitive to cold. I hate the extra dryness that it causes on my skin, my nails turning blue violet but on the contrary I love experiencing the cold on my every nerve at the same time chilling in the couch sipping hot coffee or a nice soup with a very thick blanket and maybe a very warm hug will do.. ;). Just daydreaming again.



  1. The dress is really nice, but what I love most about this outfit is the shoes. I want to have a pair like those.

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  3. That third and last picture are so delicate yet chic! Faves! ahh! And you write just like I think, in this post! haha. :) Even the words you used. :p Be sure to check out my Mexico post I published this week!

    God bless,

  4. Wow you're so pretty! Nice blog and post! I'm ur follower! :)
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  5. well your choice was very beautiful! i love the fur with it!

  6. Oh I love the whole outfit, the dress is gorgeous, I love the faux fur that you put on the dress, I'm on the search for one myself. Oh and the shoes, I love your shoes! :) Super cute cassie!


  7. Beautiful photos. :)
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  8. New hair color! Lovely! :))


  9. I love the hair color! :)

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic
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