January 06, 2014

Radiant Orchid

Beautiful day, guys and girls! How's your holiday been? Mine is quite busy that is why, I've been MIA for so long.
Well, I expect that and I really mean not to blog because the holiday season is the only quality time that I can share with my family, friends, and relatives. Although for some blogs it's their time to to post outfits for their blogs but me, I don't think of anything but to bond with the folks that I really miss. Doing some household chores with them and preparing for the festivities. 

Speaking of an outfit post, this picture is what I wore on my first day at work. As the year comes, fashion trends is forecasted already before the start of the year. One of the first topic is what color of this year will be Radiant Orchid. When I first learn about it, I was concerned about how will I pull an Orchid hued outfit? Nah.. Radiant orchid is purple right? And purple isn't my color. I only have plain purple jeans and that is bought  because of an impulsive buying. I kinda like this shade but with contrasting colors and print. It doesn't think plain purple compliments with my skin and personality. 

Being a fashion blogger, I should have the attitude about trying out different styles and colors with outfit right? And even I am not good at pulling off purple hued clothing, I must try it on. So I came up with this. I wore my purple jeans that's been rarely gotten out of the wardrobe and try to combine it with my white micro polka dot print blouse. For the colors to stand out I pair it with my pale yellow satchel bag and the glittered sea green colored heels, a special footwear that I own because it's one of the Christmas presents that boyfy gave to me.. tee hee.. Sweet!

Thriftier's Outfit

Blouse - thrift
Purple Jeggings - Local Boutique
Green Heels - Gifted
Yellow Satchel - Parisian, SM Dept. Stores

And for the refreshing change of the year, I lighten my hair from roots to the middle part so that the ombre look will turn into blonde, I am kinda sick of ombres right now.. No offense to the ombre fans I'm just tired of my ombre look. It looks like nothings obvious had changed with me, same old messy petite Thriftier chubby dolly <3

Chubby Doll,



  1. Hey my dear, I hope you had an amazing Holiday and I totally agree I spent a lot of time with family and I didn't blog much during the holidays because I wanted to spend time with loved ones. But yeah I think the purple looks great on you and I think its great to try new things but at the same time if you don't like the thing you don't need to wear it. But yeah I love the way you styled your pants. :) Happy New year!


  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, Cassie! Followed you back on Google+! :) And btw, pretty look! Xo


  3. Love the purple on you! And how you matched it with yellow.


  4. Love love love these purple pants! You look great!


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