March 06, 2014


For about 2 years I used to pry on my hair and because of curiousness I am pushy with the hair thing that is supposed to be done “only” by professionals. Well, I was too hard headed to do my own hair including hair coloring, cellophane-ing, bleaching. What that hasn't been done is re-bonding my own hair and perming it.

About the real talk, I seek professional again after 2 years about cutting my hair. I cut my waist length hair 8 inches but still  it’s not decent. That is why I ask a professional to cut my hair. Actually the hair dresser advises me that my hair have to undergo on Brazilian keratin treatment. She says that it can let my hair back to “normal” again. I think, it will but I am not ready (and my budget too) to pay for a treatment. Cut and trim is the only plan that day.

Black Top - Thrift
Leopard Square Pants - Offbrand
Brown Bag with Croc details - Sophie Martin Paris

So this is the final cut, well I hope so because I don't want to lose any inch of my hair at all ;)

Missing a lot,


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