May 12, 2014


A little uneasy, uncomfortable and a queasy stomach every time I pose in an open place like this. Whenever I/we make an outfit photo shoot, I try to be discrete as possible for people who would see me pose or emote in front of my amateur photographer. I fear their initial look into their face. The "dirty look" that makes me uneasy and sometimes embarrass. They make me think what they may think as of the moment like "what are they doing" or "is she a real model? Come-on, lookat her body and height! She's not probably model, she's just feeling like one". It made me paranoid sometimes.

One occasion made me do some blogger pose IN AN OPEN AREA, but with a few people randomly passing by. This is shot from my boyfriends' backyard. This is the first time that I visited this area of their place where I didn't expect it looking on drought. Likeness where I had dry confidence too. Maybe I was just feeling strange to the new atmosphere outside but this is what I want even I have the peculiar thrill! I wanted to slowly overcome this.

 I was just really grateful that I have a supportive boyfriend that spoil me to everything that I wanted to do. ;) He's very lovable in his every shape. 

 Although I am not thrilled and i doubt this whole look, I can see that the outfit and the background blend well with each other. The dry and withering stems, the cracked soil, and the hue of the clothes I'm in. And I almost forgot the hair! My gosh I haven't retouch it's red and blonde ombre for 3 months now.

Thriftier's Outfit: 

 Gold Plated Bib Necklace - Girl Shoppe
Casio Watch - Watches Authentic
Kimono Style Outerwear - Offbrand
White Tank Top - Thrift
Distressed High Waist Shorts - Uniqlo
Platform Boots - Parisian by Sm Dept. Store

This will be my first "summer outfit" even though it's a bit early. But right now, it's really scorching hot here in the Philippines that is why, I can post spring or summer outfit or mixed and matched styles. Anyhow, this outfit is officially categorized/labeled by my "Summer Outfit" for 2014.

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  1. Oh, I thought it's only me who has the posing problem. I feel the same way but don't worry, confidence is the thing that makes you interesting! It's great that you have a supportive boyfriend! Nice outfit, can't wait for summer to come to wear shorts!


  2. amazing !
    love this shoes !

  3. Nakaka-asar tlga pag nag shoot ka outdoor tapos ang daming tumitingin, lalo na kung street style ang theme ng photo. Anyway, you look great Cassie!! I love your shoes so much!

    love lots,

  4. Oh very gorgeous shoes!

  5. I love this look dear and the shoes are cute too!

  6. Lovely post.

    ♡ Dear, I would be so glad to see you as a visitor up on ♡

  7. Nice kimono, great look! xx

  8. lovely pics!
    Such a beautiful shoes!
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  10. I love this look Cassie! :) the kimono is super cute and you look like a model! xx
    I just followed your lovely blog ♥& I’d love for us to keep in touch via GFC!
    Hope you're having a beautiful Wednesday!xx

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  11. You look so pretty! Nakakatawa naman na sa outfit na 'to ka pa "uncomfortable" kase this is one of my favorite looks of yours haha! I love the print of your cardigan. Something I'd totally wear!

  12. Really like your outfit!

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    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

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    Lovely greets from germany ;-)

  14. Yay! You are so lucky that you have a supportive bf! and also happy to know that you face your fear.. :) Anyway, I love love your summer outfit! xoxo!

  15. These are great pictures!! Outfit pictures are sometimes really awkward if people are around! You are doing a great job, keep it up!!

  16. Great post! Also would you like to follow each other on GFC ? If so just let us know <3

  17. Love the heels!

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  18. following back! =)

  19. Great outfit, girl! Love the outer kimono you're wearing!

  20. You look so pretty! Great outfit especially the kimono! Thank you for your recent comment on a recent blog post of time too :)

  21. Congrats Cassie, you overcame your fear and your pictures came out great! I'm still uneasy myself about going out and taking pictures but I think it's also because I use a tripod for my pictures, so it's odd seeing someone by herself taking pictures with a tripod. Your lucky you have a supportive boyfriend and I think your photos came out great. Oh and your outfit is great girl and I love the shoes!


  22. Be confident girl! You look great in those photos :D I really love your outfit especially the top and the shoes. Perfect combination indeed ♥

    -Tootsie Jean


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