May 26, 2014


April 11 is a very glorious day for us because our baby has been graduated Bachelor of Arts in Business AministrationMajor in Human Resource Management. I never thought I will have this maternal feeling of enjoyment that she had finished already her Bachelor's Degree . If you’re a regular reader of this little blog, then you already knew that I had only one sister and I am the not so big sister. A little information also about the attire of the graduate. Her University (my alma matter too) follows the unique academic regalia of University of the Philippines. *"Sablay" a sash joined in front by an ornament and embroidered or printed with the University's initials in "Baybayin script" and running geometric motifs of indigenous Philippine ethnic groups.

The fun part is when I am retouching my sister's hair and make-up, my boyfriend is also fixing my hair due to time constraint I never get the chance to do my hair. Thankful that I am because Michael is always here that we consider jack of all trades ;)))

And Voila!!
This is the finished up-do that my boyfriend did to me. So messy but be very cute!!

Pardon for the twist and tangle necklace.

For a sister like me, I never forget to dress up too! And for scorching hot days like we experience I have decided that I will wear something comfortable but eligible outfit that is perfect for this special day. Pastel colors is still in this season that's why, the purple blazer that I thrift way back is pleasing on this combo although I really had the hard time with this cute heels. 

Thriftier's Outfit:

Double Layered Cross Gold Necklace - Amanda's Place
Navy Blue Inner Top - Off brand 
Purple Floral Blazer - Thrifted
Pastel Skirt - Pay Less (local boutique)
Pastel Pink Shoes - Sophie Martin

This actual photo is a phobia conquering too! My phobia posing in front of so many strangers that is waiting for the Graduation program to end. *sighs* I was like making my own shield not to make eye contact with them and I am aware that they all stared at us while we shoot! The picture was like carefree because of the wind accidentally blown on my skirt. ;D

It is almost dusk when the Graduation program ends, but Papito decided to visit his old School the St. Jerome Academy. He enters the academy about early 1970's but didn't finish his studies there because of untoward and tight circumstances but he finished his school at Manila. He also tell us the story of his mischief and troubles about being adolescent here. ;)

I guess it's just a few knows that I have the fascination for a beautiful old church. While parking the van, I kept saying "oh my gosh, the church is so beautiful". Even the looming of the night didn't keep me to stare and gaze the beauty of the church especially the Baroque details and the belfry. 

The stains and cracks of the structure give additional flare to the baroque style of the old church and the dramatic belfry although the belfry itself is considered not to be visited because of its aged and accident might happen if people try to visit the actual interior of it.

Looking very tired.. ;)


The only picture that me and Michael had. <3

The visit on this church really mesmerized me. Thanks for the little tour Papa.

Love's a lot



  1. Love your outfit! Beautiful photos.

  2. These pictures are so nice! The church is so majestic! Congrats on your sister's success!


  3. wow I'm so surprised to that your boyfriend can style ur sweet...I also love the shots of the old church...Also love your outfits esp the purple blazer since Im a huge fan of great finds from the thrift this one...

  4. Awesome! I love your outfit Cassie!!! the colors looked so cute,esp. your shoes! It's so pretty! Congratulations to your sister! Ahh it feels great tlga pag may guma graduate sa family <3 The photographs looked wonderful! esp, the photographs of the church. Kudos to the architecture and style. LOve the family picture,and so I noticed, you look like your mom and your sister look like your dad.hmm tama ba? hahaha anyway,kakatuwa pic ninyong tatlo with your bf kilig much!~ ang cute!!!!!

    love lots,

  5. Nice post my dear,you have a great blog.

    I'm following you,hope you'll do the same

  6. So pretty :) Love the photos.

  7. Aw congrats to your sister! You looked so pretty!

  8. Beautiful spots! Love the sweet pink skirt ;)

  9. Nice post, thanks for sharing!
    Come visit my blog if you want!

  10. adorable

  11. Congrats to your sister, your such a great big sister for doing touch ups for her. I can't believe your boyfriend did your hair, he did a pretty good job! I love your outfit, its super cute and i love the colors of it. I also love old churches, the architecture is so beautiful and I love how there is so much history behind the church! :)


  12. Thanks a ñot for your comment and for following us sweetiet! We'll follow you back for sure, your blog is amazing:)

  13. Aw you and your sister are adorable, congrats to her!!! And your boyfriend did a great job with the hairstyle ;) xo

  14. hey great pics of the graduation hun.. congrats to ur sis... love ur phobia conquering pic too.. lol... so cute..... The pic of the church is also so amazing

  15. oooh <3 so cute!!

  16. Nice post, congratulation for ur sister!
    You look happy for ur vication, and lovely outfit. Ur coloring the day.

    Follow u already :D Thanks to leave comment on my blog.

  17. I love the blazer! :D

  18. Congrats to your sister! You both looked beautiful! Great images and ensemble. I really like your blog. Just followed! :)

  19. Acabo de ver tu mensaje en mi blog y he decidido entrar en tu blog. Me gusta mucho. Eres muy guapa y tienes mucho estilo.

    Te sigo. Te espero en mi blog.

    Un beso!

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  21. Hi, dear, congrats to your sister!! :) You look beautiful, great outfit! :) Kisses!!

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  23. OMG I obsessed wit your outfit! I love your blazer and your shoes! I'm a new follower :)
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