June 13, 2014


Originally, this should have been posted yesterday June 12, GMT+8:00 but to my very awesome schedule and workload, my blogpost gone late. ;) 
Anyway, I am imagining this ensemble for months now after I stumble upon the hashtag on instagram #disneybound. I checked this out and to my surprise, tons of gorgeous Disney princesses outfit inspired and endless outfit ideas for other interesting disney characters. I wasn't able to create the snow white look before because I have no bright yellow tank top on wardrobe. I bought one when I saw tank tops on a local boutique before heading home. It's cheap though around P50 but I kinda love the shade. A big applause too to my abuse flower crown, I d.i.y it last year, and I am happy that until now, I'm still fond of using them.

Flower Crown: Diy
Yellow Top: local Shop
Red Knit Blazer: Thrift (old)
Blue Maxi Skirt: Thrift
Red Heels: offbrand 

 And for a more serious matter, I also want to ask my fellow Filipinos if we are really Independent? Are we really free? Free to celebrate our Independence day? Come to think of it, we celebrate Independence day because our forefathers shed their blood for the liberty of our country, but what now? We are shackled  by our own rulers 'cause by their corruption, lies and etc. 

Waah! I don't want to talk about this on my blog anymore.. Enough said, enough! I just hope and pray for the Philippines be free from the burden of our own government's covert activities. These might 'cause some confusion or a big question to my fellow foreign readers. Just skip this paragraph for me. ;))

Snow is just concern, BTW sorry for the cheesy title.  


  1. Cute crown! The top is very nice as well. I understand that you are upset about the current situation in your coutry. Hope you feel better soon! Have a great weekend!


  2. So beautiful look, love the flower crown, and the colorful outfit! xx


  3. Love the color block combo here Cassie!! Snow White nga! I saw your photos in fb beforehand kaya di ko ma open blog mo sa office namin hehe so glad to read the whole post now! I used to plan of a Snow White photoshoot before kaya lng I got some problems with the costume.
    Anyway to answer your question I do not think we are completely free in our current state now. We were still very dependent on other countries and most of us still lives in fear and practice the "not so good" Filipino habits. However I hope one day we will be completely independent not only as a country but also as an individual. Free of fears and ready to take a flight :)

    love lots,


  4. These colors look wonderful together, and I love that flower crown!!! ;) xo


  5. Love this Snow White-inspired outfit, Cassie! Ang ganda <3 And I love the mix and match of colors once again! (alam mo naman na mahilig ako sa mix & match haha).


  6. Very cute look! I love that flower crown and the color of your hair.


  7. Really cute crown :) I understand your sentiment about your country. Keep your head up :)

  8. I so love your flower crown
    cute look


  9. I love your skirt!


  10. To tell the truth, I don't know much about social situation in Philippines, but I definitely can understand your feelings. I think, in every country there are own problems and hardships, life is never easy. At the same time in some parts of this Earth life can be more comfortable and peaceful, though. We just have to stay positive and move on.
    I can't but say how charming you are in that floral crown, I really like the way it looks on you. I also enjoyed your fancy, bright outfit as well, those pieces fit you nicely!

  11. Nice combo, love the skirt and floral crown.You look beautiful!

  12. You look beautiful! And you raised some very good questions in this post!

  13. love this flower crown it lovely !


  14. Such a great interpretation of snow white, I think you did a great job. The flower crown works so great into your outfit and your photos are beautiful my dear. But for your question, it's crazy I was just talking about this with some of my friends that are still in the Philippines, it is very corrupt the government is a big part of that but we can't really change it because it's been happening for a very long time but what we can do it rise above it and chose not to be like them. And in the words of my friend, "We need to rise as people, even if Philippines doesn't rise, at least we as people are rising." I don't know if that even makes sense. But yeah I think change starts with the people.


  15. Cute outfit,you look amazing !love the hairband!
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