June 26, 2014


Last 7th of June, me and Michael celebrate our 83rd months, and two weeks more to go and we are in our 7th year! Yay! He treats me on a movie date, we’ve watched my most anticipated Disney movie. It’s thrilling for me because I am a Disney kid. I grew up watching Disney movies with my lil’ sister. And until now the notable lines are still in our memory. ;) Though my Michael can’t relate that much comparing the classic Sleeping Beauty into the adaptation, he still appreciates the story and the characters as well. Whenever we’re out on a movie we always argue on the plot of the story and its characters. We grasp our ideas against each other’s view on a film and sometimes we’re too ridiculing on ourselves because we conflict seriously. Just because he wants me to understand his stand in the movie and I too want him to understand that my take is more right than his... We’re fools and we know it and I think that’s one of the perquisites we had why we’re still together until now. ;) I was little displease because before we head of the cinema I took a break in a bathroom to fix myself and of course to pee, No one’s ever want to be disturbed by a call of nature in the middle of the movie you know. All of a sudden I heard 2 ladies chatting about Maleficent.Accordingly, they’ve already seen the movie, and to my surprise... … One utters “the prince isn't the one who kiss the princess,… it’s Maleficent!” Arrrrggg how, annoying because I am in the hype of my excitement because I desire to be surprised at the kink of the movie but it descends because of what I heard prior watching it… Fail.  I already knew the climax before watching the whole movie.. Aww.. Feeling blah! That instant really annoys me. I should have gone to another ladies' room. Oh well. Nonetheless, what happens beforehand doesn’t affect me anymore, after seeing the twist, the effects, the characters, and the flow of the story and of course Angie, I forgot everything that makes me upset earlier. And Hell Yes!! Jolie is one rad actress! Kick Ass. Never thought that they will include much action scenes in this movie, I love it!! 

Thriftier's Outfit:
Net Cap: Random finds|| Dress: Hip Culture || Blazer: Old Thrift || Studded Bag: Rebel Gear || Wedge Boots: Thrift

After 4 days

But that’s not the end of my viewing pleasure with Maleficent. I did watch them two times!!! The first is with the boyfriend and the second time is with my sister. My Treat! I treat her because she really loves to watch the movie and for the worth of my real purpose on taking her out, is because she always take good care of my dogs while I am gone.

I am really tired here, you can actually see it in my eyes.. ;) Pardon for low quality images, we just capture it with phone's camera.

Blooper!!! Sorry guys, I talk too much in this post, see you around.. ;)

How do you find Maleficent movie? Have you watch it yet? Let me know your thoughts..



  1. You and your boyfriend are sucha a cute couple! I haven't seen the movie yet!


  2. Loved Maleficent.Would you like to follow each other via GFC , Bloglovin & Google+
    to keep in touch? Lemme know! & take care!


  3. Oh very beautiful pics!


  4. Haven't seen the movie yet Cassie that's why i scrolled down a bit fast baka may spoilers hehe, anyways, i love your outfit so cool and chic. ps. you and your boyfie are cutey <3

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  5. OMG/!! woowwwwwww! Congratulations Cassie dear! so happy for you and your boyf! iba tlga pag true love <3
    I always wanted to watch Maleficent but never got the chance :( was supposed to but my friend cancelled our date :(( felt so bad about it really tsk3x
    anyway happy thoughts lang! so jealous of your dear!! and hey I sooo love your styling, it's actually my usual style hahaha
    hmmm did u change ur hair color Cassie? pansin ko lang parang mas naging red ata? ehehe

    love lots,


  6. Such a great pictures, my love.

    You look stunning *_*

    Happy weekend,



  7. Great Post & lovely Blog!
    i follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin♥
    Hope you follow back :-)


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  9. Cute outfit & cute blog :))


  10. Love your outfit here, Cassie! Especially the blazer (alam mo naman mahilig ako dyan haha). I also liked Maleficent even though I was able to guess the "true love's kiss" twist. Congrats to you and your boyfriend for your anniversary <3


  11. pretty dress!


  12. you look adorable girl...
    Followed you on blogloin and google! Thanks for your visit! New post is up!

  13. I really wanna see that movie!!!
    You look adorable especially in that last photo ;) :) xo


  14. Wow 7 years is a long time, Congratulations, your such a cute couple! But yeah I haven't seen the movie yet but I hear its a good movie and it must be because you watched it twice. Your outfit when you watched it with your bf is super cute, I love the floral print jacket with the houndstooth print dress, prints on prints looks great!


  15. So cute! How nice of you to take your sister!

  16. That's crazy because in 8 days it will be my 7th anniversary with my boyfriend, pretty much like you!
    The first outfit is really cool with the mixture of prints, I specially love the dress and the snapback.

  17. I'm probably the one human on this planet who didn't see this movie yet lol But I do agree with you, Jolie is a perfect actress and a very charismatic person, I respect her a lot. I also want to congratulate you with your lovely anniversary, wishing all the best:))) You are a very sweet couple, indeed!
    Have a fabulous time!

  18. Felicidades guapísima por esos 7 años! ibas guapísima al cine! me encanta! Angelina Jolie me encanta pero todavia por increibel que sea no la he visto pero después de este post no me la pierdo!
    susana de piñadelys


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