July 06, 2014


 The latest look that I got for you. YAY! for my 100th post!!! 

 Well, at least way up to date post than my week after outfit post. This was taken last Thursday and I am happy to say that this is actually what I wear during that day. (Minus the tartan blazer). I don’t know what I ate on that Thursday morning, it’s like I flip my switch. I always frightened whenever I dare to go print on print on print. . Like endless prints! But now, I pull it off!! Although it’s not fully complimenting mix and matches of prints but I can feel it! This is my stepping stone to be brave enough on blending prints for an outfit. ;)
 And as a Thriftier, I am please to say that except for my accessory and shoes, all you can see here is from a thrift store. Yay! (duh.. I know, it’s inevitable 80 percent of my wardrobe items from a thrift store… you can’t depart me from that)

 My boyfriend is teasing me again, that I seem like a Christmas tree because he doesn’t understand what styling I did. I just blab on him “ I am your walking garden” in a stormy afternoon! Let me tell you, while we are taking these pictures, the sky above is outraged by lightning and thunder with violent rainfall. We already thought that we’re going to get stranded…

Right now, my dismenorrhea is killing me… pardon me, I am also writing a note on an anniversary card for my boyfriend on Monday. 7th of July is our day and my day too! My mind is full of ideas on how to celebrate our day, in a thrifty way ever… <3 I just need a time with him. A romantic date that can’t hurt our budget. I want precious moments that I will add to our thousand memories.We both struggling financially right now so maybe advice and suggestions anyone?

Cray cray printy Lady,


  1. I like your pumps and necklace.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  2. I don't think that you look like a christmas tree, I consider you to be so creative and original in what you wear. Yes, that outfit is out of ordinary, it's really fancy and bright, but at the same time it shows your inner world and charismatic personality.

    P.S. regarding to your question at my blog, I'd like to reply. Yes, I have my hair dyed, but to tell the truth, I'm fed up of it. I'd love to make a change, but I have no idea what to do and how to recover health of my hair.
    Have a good day, dear!

  3. you look great, I love your blog, Would you like to follow each other?


  4. love this look and I love your hair


  5. Haha boys don't understand fashion :D Don't worry, you don't look like a Christmas tree but you did a great job mixing prints! Love the shoes! <3 I don't know what to advice you... Why don't you go to a picnic,buy some food and drinks and enjoy the sun together! Happy Anniversary!


  6. Lovely everything sweetie ...
    but especially those shoes am dying to have .


    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

    followed u back sweetie ,,,,

  7. I love the mix of prints! You make me want to try it, to go out of my comfort zone. You look great! I love the last pic, you look gorgeous!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  8. Love this outfit, Cassie! Who/what inspired you to do print-on-print? You should do it more often! I'm really enjoying your style evolution <3


  9. This print mix is absolutely gorgeous and somehow all the prints seems to compliment each other. They also go great with your hair colour!
    I also have like 60% of my wardrobe thrifted!

  10. As always, love your outfit, specially that skirt!! Thanks so much for your comment in my blog. Im so glad I follow you, because i would love to invite you to my online store which literally is your style!! - http://timelesslookshop.com

  11. Yay!!! how lovely Cassie! I love how brave you are when it comes in matching print and prints. And yes! I am also a thrift shop girl! It's amazing how you can find treasures in a very affordable price.
    Good luck to your date with your boyf! Wishing you all the best <3

    love lots,


  12. I do love when people don't afraid to mix prints! You look so fresh and awesome, I could wear the same clothes in same way)

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  14. Hi! Amazing look! Thank you for follow, followed back (GFC and Bloglovin).

    Fashion blog Shoponista

  15. I love this outfit, I thought I already commented on this but then I remembered it was for your instagram not on the blog. But I love how you mixed the prints and things it works so well together. I wish I could find cute things like this when I thrift, all times I've went thrifting i never find anything cute. You should do a post about how to thrift maybe because I would love to know. :)



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