May 06, 2015


Como Estas everyone! I am glad that after my almost month long lack of outfit post, I'm happy to publish again.  A simple date with Michael last April 25, I think I made myself clear above the aforementioned title. We've watched "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" movie, I should say it was the best movie of "Avengers" yet, It's my favorite movie of the franchise ever made so far. Full packed action as well as the story line how Ultron has made.  Me and Michael wishes to watched it again in the cinema, but that's not practical right? hehe.

The element of frugality has always present on every outfit that I share, because even the clothing that I wear is brand new and not from thrift stores, like before that my reader are used to see, it's still a thrift steal because this cute shirt with a sexy scoop back detail that I'm wearing is priced not less than 2 dollars, or 90 pesos to be exact.  I'm thrilled about the small scale local garments here in the Philippines because they produce clothes that is really trendy with competitive price and quality. I, as a thrift fashion enthusiast is glad that aside from sticking to what my frugal belief, I'm thrilled that I know I am helping the local economy of my country too, too cliche but it's true you know. This hip hugging high waist jeans that conceal my belly, etc. etc. To top this outfit up, I curl the ends of my hair to add a touch of the romantic look to my casual get up, red lipstick, chunky necklace, and heels and voila! 

I include picture with my "Avenger" boyfriend, Michael. I say it so because he likes to have Thor's hammer ( if he ever has great power to even move it), loves to work on Starks Industrial Company, to smash like Dr. Banner's alter, and to drive Captain America's motorcycle.  But sometimes he trespasses on DC comics and be like Superman too! Ha haha LOL! 

Thanks everyone for dropping here on my blog and giving me some love. If only  had a better internet connection, I'd love to visit yours too, oh well I miss blog hopping already. That's all for now Bye!



  1. You top is really cute! and your hair looks amazing :)

  2. You two are adorable, love that top!!! ;) xo

  3. Very nice blog.Please follow me if you like following each otther's blog.I will follow you back.Love you.Thanks

  4. Great style for going to the cinema! love the whole outfit and the make up!
    Kisses from


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