May 02, 2015

WEEK 12 || Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days

march 20 (80th day ) - I got bruises and scratches again because my furry lady is very excited to see me come home... Jumping towards me and believe it or not she's gonna stomp directly on my groin. Sometimes her way of showing her love to me is painful LOL!

march 21 ( 81st day ) - Horror movie marathon with my sister.  Horror or Romantic? def Horror movie!

march 22 ( 82nd day ) - Chibi's not in the mood again for pictures but her moma ..I insist...I love her furs after bath but he looks much like masculine.

march 23 ( 83rd day )  - New eye specs, well whether you need one or not, it's pretty geeky and hot!  Chibyusa tried the eye glasses too and voila, looking sophisticated eh...?

march 24 ( 84th day ) - Redundant pictures on taking my glasses worn because, I just love the sophisticated and vintage look it brings. 

march 25 ( 85th day ) - I got another addition to my vintage earrings collection, a colorful acrylic flower earrings I bought from a 2nd hand Japanese item seller.

Letter M has 2 important meanings to me, initial of my real name and the name of whom will replace my maiden name haha LOL! but yeah it's true.  The fun part when I posted the pic on instagram is, when one of my male followers told me that he's "Mohammed" and he says I love you on the comment section.. Double LOL!!! 

march 26 (86th day) Sometimes I experience early morning nostalgia... I just feel half lonely and half happy because of nothing... Bit of cray cray Cassie looking at nature around.

Thank's for the quick visit here on my blog, sometimes I am thinking that this 365 days project is kinda annoying/boring and monotonous because I had no regular outfit shots in between posts, but oh well this is something that I will cherish forever in the future. Here's my 12th week! Have a great week ahead...

"What Ever you Decide to Do. Make Sure it Makes You Happy"



  1. cuti

  2. the dog haha so cute

  3. What a cute dog!! and I love those glasses too.

  4. Aww love seeing the cutie in this post sis! I miss your blog posts sis!!!!
    looking great in your glasses btw :)
    Love the inspiring quote in the end too sis, it's always important to be happy or at least try to be happy when days are rough :)

    love lots,

  5. Cute and fun Instagram pictures Cassie... I hope you are having a great week xox ♡

  6. ~Such a cute post ^^
    Nice photos <3


  7. Great photos! <3

  8. too cute photos.. i love your necklace..


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  9. Such cute and fun pictures!


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