July 16, 2015


Hello everyone! I am really happy to work with my sponsor, http://www.ericdress.com today.  I know my birthday had passed by and I haven't post ( I don't have a plan really )  anything how I celebrate/spent my day last 7th of July.  Honestly I do really wish for a good health, peace of mind and time for myself is the best birthday gift I have in mind  but I won't be hypocrite to say that I don't have material items to wish for, so then again, it still my birth month and I am happy to show and share wishlist items that you may like too.  

First part, these cheap winter coats yet beautiful that I pick is very simple but has the elegance and classic style that won't fade in pastels and classic colors too. Timely, because it's getting wet here in my country and even simple coat is very helpful during rainy days, I won't mind if I get these cheap coats online all LOL! maybe my wallet would... heehee. Link here http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-coats-101899/

The second set are these cheap cool hoodies, www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-cool-hoodies-102436/ unique prints, trendy design and quality materials like lace and fleece.  I recommend hoodies also to those girls that always forgot their umbrellas at home (just like me), hoodies will aide us a lot on rainy days with style, very practical indeed!

My wishlists third set is these beautiful leather bags for women and clutches below http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-handbags-4335/ .   For your information I work on an office in government setting, my bag should be just simple and sturdy and it's helpful for me if I have a roomy bag like I pick here.  You need to stuff all the things in one bag sometimes and it's a hassle for me if I have a hand bag, and a file bag, and a separate one for my other girly stuffs.  But I like the idea of 5 piece bags in one price

My liking on clutches these year is growing, I only have 2 clutch bag I own before, but now, I want to own more several pieces with different designs.  For a party, or functions that I will attend to, and  I can even have clutches on casual days out.  I pick these babies because they have a design that suits on my taste and the style that I can pull off anytime.

Ericdress has a special dresses too, depending on occasions that you will attend to.  Party dresses, evening dresses, and wedding dresses. You name it they have it.  They are one of the shopping malls online that has a good reputation too I dealt with them before that's why I know.  They have a clearance sale and as a matter of fact, they have an ongoing sale up to 90% off site-wide, free shipping on over $59 and 20% to 40% OFF on discounted item over $59 price of items.  Which is which is your favorite items? Are you excited on their deal as I am excited now? Really I am because I am gonna have my order soon! Click your way to their web store. Tata for now guys, see you later!



  1. Soo pretty items. Im gonna check this site now :) Thanks for sharing it with us doll :)

    Visit me: Kapege life moments :)

  2. Hi cassie! You have a nice blog:)
    Thanks for your comment, of course I want to follow each other! I'm following you now!
    Happy weekend, keep in touch!

  3. Love the bags and pastel colour coats! Great wishlist!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  4. These are such great coat, I especially LOVE the first style!


  5. Those trench coats are so stunning
    great picks dear

  6. That last clutch is beautiful and wacky!


  7. thank you for your comment and of course :) just follow me and I'll follow right back!



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