January 07, 2015


Hi Guys, I am introducing you to my brand new segment, and finger's cross I hope this will be a successful one. I am going to call it "Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days 2015". I've decided to do this because even I, am a bubbly person, but I do have lots of negative vibe around me, I was a hot tempered and it's the other side of me that I wanted to remove on my system. It's hard to be grumpy you know, and as I welcome the new year, I wanted to live the happy life. Although unfortunate instances are inevitable, I still want the positive vibe to take over. I love to document happy moments that I can treasure for a lifetime.

At first I wanted to do it only on instagram, but I thinkit's over and why not posting my everyday happy randoms on my blog weekly? I'm going to post my everyday happy rambling via blog post every week, the blog posting will depends on what day on the 7th day of the week. Confusing? Like today, it's the 7th of January, so this is the first post about it.  This will serve also a simple way for you to get to know me better since I still don't have an "About Me" page, and If ever I do, a whole hundred or thousands of blahs in one post isn't enough to tell "about me". By the way, most pictures are in low quality because I am only using my phone camera on a daily basis.  So this is a good idea if weekly you'll get a bit of me at the same time saving my happy moments. I don't have a lavish lifestyle and I'm very ordinary, but still you might find some interesting cracks on my uninteresting life *wink* 

Day 1 - A toast of celebration because it'a brand new Year! First selfie of the year and a laughing family portrait haha! 


Day 2Together with my Mama and little sister, we watched 2 movies. It's our first time to watch in a movietogether and of course my treat! Treating them on a date like this is not enough to show that I love and care for them... AandDid a little shoe shopping too!Aha, what an awesome day!

Day 3 -  Cheers to the highlight of my happy day. After months of saving money we finally had a chance to purchase the Yamaha Home theater system that Papa is wishing of. It is kinda pricey and it took us quite long before we take it home. And the Grand Videoke system that I am saving up for a year. I am ecstatic on this night, that a glass of wine and singing my heart out to our videoke party at home.
Day 4 - This is me without make-up! With Michael my lovey-dovey.  He's with us on our videoke party on day 3 up to day 4. He help us to set-up the new appliance at home. Tehee..

Day 5 - So this is a not so likable image, this is a terrifying clip fro the movie "Mama". Before we retire on our own beds, we've watched "Mama" on Hbo with our own Mama.

Day 6 - Few people are aware that I have a huge crush on this man. I dreamt about him few hours before I wake-up on my 6th day. Eiiih!!! I am so "kilig!" to say it in english, I am full of butterflies in my stomach when I got up in my bed. Btw, he's Joe Anoa'i aka Roman Reigns of WWE. 

Day 7- This day marks the 90th months of being together, Yay!  

It's a wrap for now, I hope I inspire you to have your happy days too!



  1. such a nice pictures dear
    nice family
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  2. Love the pictures!


  3. great plan baby sister. keep it up. hugssss...http://anotsosecretlife2011.blogspot.com/

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    Btw, great post and I love your hair.


  5. I think this is a wonderful post idea! So many cute, everyday photos that show what you've done and the people you're with. Hope you cleanse whatever negativity is in your life and focus on the positives :)

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  6. Amazing photos!

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  7. Nice segment you get to document you year :)

  8. Great photos!!!! Have an awesome year<3

  9. Cute photos! Like your lipstick!

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  10. Wonderful photos,
    you are very pretty :)


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  12. Great photos! I love your hair color ^^
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  13. Lovely photos!! it always good to capture those happy moments!!

  14. we love this idea!! here's to a happier 2015!

    M + K

  15. What a great thing to do for the new year, it's like counting your blessings each day. Happy New year girl and here's to a happier new year.


  16. love everything! great photos :D

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  17. Beautiful post and love your blog, Cassie.

  18. I love this idea Cassie... it's such a great one because it gets you thinking of good things... which than attracts more good things... really nice.. have a lovely weekend and thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog ♡

  19. You look sooo good! I love you hair, its soo crazy beautiful!!!!
    Follow4follow? Would be sooo happy honey :)

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