February 06, 2015


Honestly, my 5th week isn;t that very happy, but then again I took happiness through simplest things.

31st day - My sister helped me bleach my hair, doing it alone will be like breaking my arm LOL!

32nd day - So February 1, first day of Love month. Me and Boyfy had an impromptu date and then after that we had a meeting with his mom and sister  for the wedding preparation of their eldest sister.

33rd day - No picture, because it's not really a happy day.  I took chibyusa to the animal clinic and was diagnosed with Ehrlichia. ooh bother, this starts my worry and paranoia.

34th day - Even I'm a little depressed dog momma, I try to switch my mood.  Playing around with mom thrifted scarf until I make myself a head scarf. The selfie image that I wear a scarf and a clubmaster inspired eye wear is when chibyusa hysterically bark while running back ward because she thought I was a stranger broke in our house, I can't help but to laugh on that moment! I laugh even though I know she's still sick. hehe

35th day - My baby's slowly getting better, on the lap of my Papi. She can join us on the couch again, gives us a few licks telling that she'l be alright soon.

36th day - Early morning me and chibyusa try to walk even just 15 mins. Feeling the cold sunshine and the fresh air. I'm still worried for her, but dragging me while running and walking, relieve the anxiety that I have.

37th day - Dress down on sweater and dress up with mac lipstick diva. I just made a quick selfie, I hope you don't mind selfies.... hehe some people are not fond of selfies I know. But I know it won't hurt. And the "one blonde mice" I just look like a mouse because of the mouse ear like hair after removing my bun. LOL!

That is all for now, have a great weekend loves!

"Keep smiling and one day life will get  tired of upsetting you"



  1. Your hair looks great!! love the photos

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. Pretty pictures


  3. Nice hair and again I hope your dog gets better pra happy na kayo :)

  4. Lovely photos ♥ The quote in the end of the post is wonderful!!

  5. Aww, don't worry, your baby will get better in not time, you'll see! I love the name, I love sailor moon!

    You hair looks great, you look lovely Cassie ; )

    The Flower Duet

  6. Cassie, I hope your doggie is getting better... it is always scary when your pet is sick...

    You know, I am not sure you can be completely happy every single day but I like that you never give up looking for the simple things that make you happy xox

  7. Awww ganda tlaga ng girl na to!!! sis tutorial soon sa headband!!!! Love it so much!!! it looks so good on you!
    really piss kasi di ko maopen blog mo for the past few days I really don't know bakit server proxy blablabla lumabas sira yata tong
    pc na 'to hahhaa
    so glad to be here again! and yes, it is always my pleasure to witness your journey of happiness <3 love and peace always sis mwah!

    love lots,


  8. Amazing photos.


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