February 05, 2015


Hello All!

 It's been a tough first week of Love month for me. My beloved dog was diagnosed with Ehrlichia, and as a dog mom I am worrisome. I feel depressed, I am worried that anytime sooner she will leave me. She's a 1 year and a half and I haven't spent so much time with her. I brought her to the vet 4 days ago and proper medications has been give to her, even confining her is the best but it's a lot complicated because she don't trust anyone outside our home. Attending and nursing her is a struggle for me and for her too because she's too hard to give her medicines that she needs.I need to force feed her water because she lost her appetite and even urge to drink water on her own. With the help of syringes and cotton balls I was able to give her somehow enough water to avoid dehydration. All kinds of canned food I've tried, but no success. Basically I stayed 2 days at home just to ensure her. And Just yesterday, I got home, I saw progress on her, she can jump on her feet while welcoming me home.  I felt relieved, then, and I don't have to beg for her just to eat her food. I have never been so happy like these, unlike in the past few days that my own body felt weakness because of my depression. Chibyusa makes me a better pet owner, dog lover, and an animal lover in general. She changed the way I see through pets, although I've been a dog lover before, but not as deep as I am to her and to the rest of my dogs at home. Now I am positive that she's going to be a lot better and hopefully for a fast recovery from the infection that she got.

By the way, about the look, wearing a heavy knit pullover is a first time for me since the Philippines is a tropical country, and wearing very warm knits like this especially on day time is dependable upon the weather. Thankfully, even the sun is shining a cold breeze balances the temperature, so I can pull this "sweater weather" trend.  And I think the styling came out fine. To dress up the dress down sweater. I just bun my hair up and add it with a Bobby pins which are my hair's new best friend at the moment because I love braiding and doing buns with my hair again after I bleached it blonde. So that's my story for now. Thank you for stopping by here. I apologize lack of time visiting blogs these days because I really need time to take care my Chibyusa... I hope next week my schedule will be on a normal track. Kisses!



  1. nice post!
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  2. I hope your dog will get healthy again :( so sorry

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  3. Adorable look! Love your hair


  4. I hope you doggy feels better, nice skirt :)

  5. No worries Cassie... don't worry about visiting other peoples blogs... you have enough on you plate worrying about your doggie. We'll be here when you get back... I hope your doggie feels better soon ...xox

  6. So sorry to hear about your dog!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  7. Love ur hairdo!

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  8. Love your hair! I hope that your dog will be fine soon.

  9. Beautiful!
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    A kiss!

  10. So pretty!
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  11. ~I hope she gets well the soonest...;-)~

  12. Adorable! :)


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  14. your outfit is really sweet


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  15. Aww seriously one of my fave outfits from you Cassie dear!!!!! Love the vintage feels,as always!!!
    Your skirt is a must have! maroon is one of my fave colors :) I agree with you sis,dapat tawanan lang ang kalungkutan
    been depressed for a moment too but I always try to find happiness too.. I hope you always have a great day sis :)

    love lots,



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